Social Entrepreneurs New Heroes 21st Century!

A short documentary about social inequality in the world and the solution in Social entrepreneurship.

A short doc by Koert Breebaart and produced by Emile Leus of TVworkshop Asia, how to solve inequality in Latin America based on gained insights during volunteering work in Argentina. Young people from this region that were born in poverty don’t have a great outlook. And governments are lacking the resources to change that. The key to change are Social Entrepreneurs that use technology to provide more equal opportunities. They can make sustainable impact and improve people lives with education, access to healthcare, jobs, etc. The climate in Latin America for social entrepreneurship is lacking and this short doc aims to convince the audience to support the social entrepreneurship movement in any type or form.

Social Entrepreneurs New Heroes 21st Century documentary:

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Social Entrepreneurs New Heroes 21st Century Director Statement

In April 2016, I lived in Buenos Aires to help one of the best known Argentina NGO’s. Called Socialab, to start the first social accelerator in Latin America. It turned out to be one of the best months in my life! With great success!  It is my obligation to the world, to summarize the insights. How inequalities in Latin America can be best solved. Ergo this short documentary. It is my hope that this short doc will motivate the audience to support Social Entrepreneurs in anyway they can. Social Entrepreneurs will be the new heroes of the 21st Century!

On the website of Koert Breebaart at Freefilm you can also watch the end result!

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