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Looking for fun team building activities? Compile a movie or commercial! For over 10 years a success.
9 corporate bonding activities you can do with your team!
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Team building Singapore! Give a boost to your team spirit with the TVworkshop!

Team Building Singapore. Are you getting bored sitting at your office watching your colleagues standing at the coffee machine. The same routines and way of working every day. Your boss is stressed and the targets of this year are behind schedule. Working together and the need for team building is becoming more and more important.

Take a moment to read my blog article: “reasons for team building“. Your colleagues are an important asset to your life, spending at least 8 hours a day with them. TVworkshop Team Building Singapore is your event organizer for a perfect organized team building activity. Contact us at +6586484186 or visit our contact from for more information.

9 corporate team building Singapore activities you can do with your team!

Team building Singapore. Making your own TV commercial.

Always wanted to be the star in your own film production! The TVworkshop lets you experience this in a half a day, 3 to 5 hours, program. We have team building games for different kind of teams and all based on film making. You can create your own TV commercial in group a group of 10 to 15 people. Brand your own product, service or your company in a 2 minutes end result.  For the winner of “the best commercial” we have a special price, the Oscar! Your best team building activities for work.

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Team building Singapore. Create your own Lip dub.

For groups from 20 to 300 people! Create your own Lip dub! Originally from the United States and a hit in Europe already from 2009. In a program of 3 hours we film a one take videoclip with a steady cam. Everybody is participating and playback one sentence of the lyric/song you choose. The lipdub is including props and attributes and on location at your office. We edit the end result on location and presentation on big screen. The most exiting team building activity in Singapore.

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Team Building Singapore. Compile your own 360 video clip.

The future of film making is 360 film making and virtual reality (VR) and will change our whole experience of watching film and television. The TVworkshop created a new concept which integrates the future of film making into one of the most interesting new corporate team building activities. Experience yourself together with your staff members inside your own 360 videoclip or VR movie. After the workshop you can watch and share your end result by 360 Youtube!

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Team building Singapore. Create your own Stop motion

Stop motion is an animation technique that physically manipulates an object or human so that it appears to move on its own. You are looking for a team building activity for work! In a program of 3 to 4 hours your create your own stop motion end result together with your team. Brainstorm to a script and after the brainstorm session we start filming at your location. We can create end results with moving objects like paper, plastic or clay or make use of the team members as a moving “objects”

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Team building Singapore. Create your own Elevator pitch.

Imagine you meet someone and he or she is asking “what is your company doing”. We all know the feeling, how and where do i start! How to present your company in a 30 second! We organize the TVworkshop elevator pitch training for you. The ideal team building exercise. In a program of 3 hours you learn to create the ultimate elevator pitch which you can use at business network meetings, on the street or even at a birthday party. Special surprise, we actually film your end result on location in an elevator and we have a prize for the best elevator pitch.

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Team building Singapore. Create a Mannequin Challenge.

You already saw it on youtube! The Team Building mannequin challenge workshop is hot at this moment and probably you girlfriend, colleagues or someone in your family showed you one. If not, your not keeping up with the latest trend online, so get ready for it! New visual trends are coming up quickly online and are great fun to do. Together with friends, family or even at your wedding! Imagine that? Team building fun to the max!

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Team building Singapore. Bachelor or bachelorette party.

To organize a an unforgettable day for the future groom or bride it is always the question “what are we going to organize for him or here”. It has to be a perfect organized day with a memorable fun activity for all the friends and family. Team building activities for adults as we call it! We have a special 3 hour program for you! The TVworkshop Bachelor or Bachelorette party Singapore . Make your own videoclip, soap or action movie on location in Singapore! We edit the end result and within 3 working days you receive it by We Transfer.

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Team building Singapore. Create your own Action Cam.

We all know the popularity of the small action camera’s like Go Pro, Tom Tom and Sony. Produce your own action cam production in Singapore in a group of 10 people. In the car, on the bike, jumping from a fence or playing in the park at the east coast. Thrilling action adventure you produce with the action cams. We have professional editors for you ready to edit the end results together with your group. The ultimate team experience for corporate team building.

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Team building Singapore. Create a Company Videoclip.

Always want to be the star in your own video clip and create scene’s as seen in “Purple Rain, Prince” or “Dancing Queen, Abba”. We produce your own corporate company video clip on your team building event, starring all your colleagues. Every group of 12 team members creates 4 minutes of the video clip. You direct, act and produce the end result. We finalize all the productions of the groups together in the edit to the “final” production. Surprise, surprise what the “theme” of the video clip will look like.

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Where can we organize your team building Singapore event?

We organize the TVworkshop team building Singapore at your office or we can arrange a location for you in Singapore. You want a lunch, dinner or special entertainment after the TVworkshop. Everything is possible to satisfy our customers and create a unique experience.

What is the price and how yo contact us?

We arrange your Team building event in Singapore for the price of Singapore Dollar 85 per person. Price is excluding location and food & beverage.
For more information about the TVworkshop teambuilding you can give me a call under +6586484186. You can fill in the contact form below or sent me an email to


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