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 Film Making Team Bonding

TVworkshop Corperate Team Buiilding
Success Team Building Singapore and team bonding Singapore team activities for 2019
TVworkshop Corporate Team Building SIngapore
TVworkshop stop motion animation team building and team building activities workshop Singapore
TVworkshop Asia Singapore lip dub team buiding and team bonding activities Singapore Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Taipei Hong Kong Jakarta Yangon Manila
TVworkshop Asia Singapore 360 film team buiding and team bonding activities Singapore Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Taipei Hong Kong Jakarta Yangon Manila







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TVworkshop Corporate Team Building Singapore

team bonding singapore

Team building Singapore
team bonding activities singapore
corporate team building singapore
team buiding in Singapore
team building singapore


Thank you for the great moments created during our video-making session! Everyone truly enjoyed themselves and I could see relationships forming at a deeper level, trespassing geographic barriers and culture differences (even within Asia!) 

Huzaimah Pakari, Marketing Strategist, Employer Branding HR Shell Singapore


What you can do in a program of 3 to 4 hours! TVworkshop let us make our own internal commercials. We were amazed by the end results we made together! Create your own film! Success guaranteed!

Badariah Amil, Career Coach Career Service Division WSG Career [email protected]


A moment to thank Emile and The TVworkshop team for the beautiful stop motion experience we had! It was a energy blast and something totally new what we did with our team. Want to share your corporate mission visually! TVworkshop is your partner in crime for your next team day out.

Kim H, Senior IT Project Manager at BNP Paribas Singapore


"It was just a great day we had today with the entire Kone HR team Asia Pacific! What a fun, what an engagement and enthusiasm. Never seen before on other previous team bonding activities. Thanks a lot Emile Leus and Simon Yap of TVworkshop Asia Singapore. You have done a great job with us! Cheers.

Sreelakshmi Menon, Marketing and Communications Director


TVworkshop is a very fun team bonding experience. It never crossed my mind what is going on during a movie production. Brainstorm and filming is a very creative group process and everybody liked it. New in Singapore and try it!"

Kevin Tan, National Healthcare Group Singapore


Today was a fantastic team bonding day! Lot's of fun and the team really enjoyed being on camera, creating the script and seeing the end results. My team even won the Oscar prize! Highly recommended team bonding activity in Singapore".

Lewis Ng, Chief Business officer at Property Guru Group Singapore

Bjorn Engelhardt, CEO Riverbed Technology

"TVWorkshop Singapore provided a great afternoon of video making activity that was unique and outside the comfort zone for many of the team members. The best part was that the video's are constantly playing on our office monitors and so it serves to remind everyone of the indoor activity and some fun about our company! Highly recommended as your next team bonding activity or game in Singapore"

Team Building Singapore 新加坡团队建设活动

A team day out for your team where

  • You learn to work together more effectively 
  • We foster employee motivation
  • Building relationships that last forever 
  • Solution thinking is stimulated in a creative way
  • Communication highly improves

Get out of the Comfort Zone and Create Film. Take a look at making of Singapore Police Force


Corporate Team Building Ideas Singapore. What We Do For You

  • Make your own commercial, video clip or movie 
  • Program of 3 to 5 hours, fully customizable 
  • Professional guidance in brainstorm, filming and edit 
  • Indoor or outdoor activity Singapore? Can lah
  • Winning end result gets " The Oscar"

How We Organize Your Perfect Team Bonding Event In Singapore Or Abroad For You

  • By encouraging collaboration, not competition
  •  It's accessible for everyone, from 10 to 65 plus
  • By setting clear expectations
  • The fun factor is important for us and for your team
  • We do or job and you can enjoy a beautiful day 

Satisfied Client Columbia Sportswear Commercial video end result in Jakarta


Who Are The Passionate People Behind TVworkshop Asia 

We reinforce team spirit through the lens by creating your own movie! Apart from the fact that we are passionate about film making! We like to transfer the knowledge of film making to your teams. Making film has an impact on every business skill. Directing, shooting and acting are important, even if the teams can’t plan, co-operate, delegate and time manage, we will guide the group in the whole process!

Take A Look At The Making Of Workflow Team Event Shell Singapore


Looking for the best fun activities in Singapore for 2019. Want to do something else for bonding your team and looking for the most fun and engaging team building activities and games!

TVworkshop Singapore is all about filmmaking. Entertainment and engagement for everybody and a little bit of Hollywood glamour. Experience the magic of professional team bonding Singapore! Team bonding through filmmaking. Reinforce team spirit through the lens by creating your own visual end results!

TVworkshop team building Singapore

Why Us

TVworkshop is a team building company based in Singapore & Malaysia and our events have only one goal: bring synergy into your team. Operating in Europe and Asia we have more than 10 years of experience in organizing corporate events with satisfied customers all over the world. We organize your event in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar!

TVworkshop Corporate Events Singapore believes that effective communication and working together is the key to success. Making a movie together in a team bonding exercise you have to! TVworkshop is a proved tool to help your people in adapt to change. Improve attitudes and reduce stress. Share laughter and smiles. Focus on team goals and  build connections that inspire collaboration. You will not believe what your team is capable of!

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Gallery TVworkshop team building Singapore event organiser

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allery TVworkshop team building events in Singapore

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FAQ TVworkshop

TVworkshop Corporate Team Building Asia claim pic community integration fund

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Client Case Studies 

Gallery TVworkshop team building bonding activities Malaysia

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TVworkshop delivers the industry’s most excellent events in Singapore and outbound overseas retreats! Find out why companies like Shell, SAP, Apple, OCBC, trust TVworkshop to power their staff in fun team bonding activities!

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We create meetings and retreats that inspire success! An offsite retreat can be a good way to reinforce company culture.To boost collaboration, re-energize your team and strengthen internal bonds. During a corporate retreat atmosphere is loose and more informal. This will make your team way more productive. 

You are busy planning your overseas retreat? We are here to help you! Ticketing, local transportation, hotel stay, food & beverage or other needs? Our experts will advise you the best. Integrating TVworkshop team building or other team bonding activities in your outbound trip? We work together with experienced team bonding companies abroad. Choose team activities like cooking classes in vibrant Bangkok, Jungle trails near Bandung or a team drum session on the beach of beautiful Langkawi!


Team building Singapore overseas retreat in Batam

Just a 45 minute boat trip away from Singapore, Batam Indonesia is a prime destination for many people. Ideal travel spot for your team. Combining it with some tax free shopping, great indonesian food or a relaxing massage.


Team building Singapore overseas retreat in Bintan

Tropical resort Island Bintan is a must go for a 2 day 1 night or more days for your retreat! Indulge yourself in the relaxing and lay back atmosphere in Bintan. Enjoy a well earned break with your team on Montigo Resort or Turi Beach Resort.

Johor Bahru 

Team building Singapore overseas retreat in Johor Bahru

Bustling city of Johor Bahru has much to offer. You will find a number of cutting-edge malls, bars, and eateries in JB! Excellent place to wind down in the evening after an exciting team bonding or team building activity.


Team building Singapore overseas outbound retreat in Thailand

Destination number 1 in the world for corporate incentive overseas travel. Every year many corporate companies find their way to Bangkok, Phuket, Samui to experience amazing Thailand. Only 2 hours flying from Singapore the best choice for your team.


Team building Singapore overseas outbound retreat in Indonesia

Get into action with you team and go outbound Indonesia. Arrive in bustling city Jakarta and experience outdoor adventure trips in Bogor, Puncak, Bandung, Malang or Lembang. Book a 3 days 2 night in beautiful Bali as your first overseas retreat.


Team building Singapore overseas outbound retreat in Malaysia

Malaysia known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, European food influences is a wonderful retreat destination! increase employee engagement and and strengthen internal bonds during one of our offered team building activities


Overseas corporate company retreat Vietnam TVworkshop Asia

For 2020 your next overseas retreat destination has to be Vietnam. Hanoi Just 2 hours flying from Singapore. 3 days 2 night Hanoi? We can already help you with a budget of USD 169 per person excluding ticket! Min. 10 pax. Call +6586484186


Overseas corporate company retreat philippines TVworkshop Singapore

Friendly and warm Philippine people! That is already the reason to visit this beautiful country. Get together for your company retreat to Manila, Cebu, Boracay and many more fascinating tropical places! Let us help you organising your first retreat!

Hong Kong

Overseas corporate retreat & team building Hong Kong TVworkshop Singapore

Planning your corporate training, off-site meeting, team-building event or company retreat to Hong Kong. Looking for the best venues at quarry bay? We offer the best service for affordable pricing working together with our local partners. 

Our Blog

Power of visual Communication

TVworkshop team building Singapore world of visual communication

The use of visual communication continues to grow. So much so, that eighty-four percent of all marketing communication is predicted to be visual by 2019. From a scientific perspective, it’s been found that using visuals help the audience remember the information more effectively...

I Pad challenge team bonding Singapore

TVworkshop I Pad Challenge team building and team bonding activities

I-Pad challenge Corporate Team Building Singapore! Specially designed for Singapore as a fun team building activity to organize during your company retreat, exhibition, seminars, conferences, team building events, trade shows, business diners, network events, incentive travel, family events...

Team building outbound Jakarta Indonesia retreats

TVworkshop Asia Singapore Team building and Team bonding Jakarta Indonesia

Busy with planning your next corporate team bonding activity for this year!? Are we going to plan our team building in Singapore or are we going abroad on a corporate company retreat? Jakarta is a favourite destination combining it with our outbound team building in Bandung or Bogor!

Augmented reality team building hit for 2019

Augmented Reality Team Building Singapore 2019 hit

Get ready for a new team building experience for 2019! What is the next team bonding hit you want to experience and is a must do for your next team bonding event. After VR Team bonding now Augmented reality team building is going to conquer Singapore. Join the trend and be the first to play the ultimate game!

Why not Bangkok as your next team bonding retreat

TVworkshop team building Singapore organising your event in Bangkok

Bangkok is a must go in 2019! Is it only for the rooftops, from small ones hidden on the 68 floor not found by tourist to bars and restaurants on the rooftops of great hotels! Bangkok’s nightlife is a vibrant melt pot of the best street food, clubs, bars, restaurant in a 15 million plus city never sleeps

Dance team building by TVworkshop in Singapore 

Dance team building Singapore

Yes, let's shake your team up with the new team building hit for 2019 in Singapore! Dance Team Building will give your team the ultimate boost ever. Every workplace can take a lesson  from dance! Best tool to improve working together and improve communication. Besides that it is healthy!

Introducing Nr.1 Travel partner Batamgetaway

SGBatamgetaway and TVworkshop Singapore Batam Food and Drinks

TVworkshop Singapore is working together wit SGBatamgetaway offering you the best travel experience to Batam! Planning your next 1 day trip, 2 days/1 night or 3 days/ 2 nights on Batam This year. SGBatamgetaway is your partner for the best experience ever. Book your next trip now!

Why team bonding is important for your team

TVworkshop team bonding activities Singapore why team bonding is important

Google and you will find 10000’s of web pages written about reasons for team building or team bonding, build the best teams, 10 insights into best team building, 21 killer tips to make your company more profitable etc etc etc. Yes team building or team bonding is still important for your company!

How to claim Pic and Cif fund Singapore

TVworkshop You want get funding for your Corporate Team Building Event and do not how to get it

How about how to get funding for your corporate team building activity. Probably your busy with searching for a new team idea in Singapore for 2019 or already in decision stage and found the team building activity you want! Where to start, where to find information!

Company retreat ideas for Vietnam

Team Building Vietnam in Hanoi Ho Chi Minh TVworkshop

Vietnam is booming business! Many Singaporeans find the way to this beautiful country. Investing in property, start up business etc. Vietnam is the rising star in Asia as tourist destination. Busy with planning your next overseas trip? Why no team building in Vietnam this year 2019?

Next generation video productions Singapore


The next generation of video production in Singapore! Turn around 24 hours! You want to boost your online social media presence and boost your sales! Video content is king now and you need it fast and good. TVworkshop is working together with CVP Productions to serve you the best!

Team building corporate retreat Manila Philippines

Team building Manila

Good food, beautiful beaches, relaxing atmosphere, stunning landscapes and very friendly people. That's what you can find in the Philippines. Plan your next corporate retreat to vibrant Manila and  combine it with a few days visit to boracay Islands. TVworkshop your expert for next your trip to the Philippines!

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TVworkshop delivers the industry’s most excellent team building & overseas company retreats in Singapore and abroad. Find out why companies like Shell, SAP, Apple, OCBC, trust TVworkshop to power their staff in fun team bonding activities!

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