20 Best Virtual Online Team Building Activities For Remote Teams

Virtual Online Team Building Patriot Act Count On Me Singapore

New virtual online team building game: An incredible celebration of our Country’s National Day, The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore is deeply focused on the great things about what makes Singapore great!

Through these Unique activities, we heavily emphasize on team building components to bolster participants to work together in activities that enhance Singaporean values!

Teams are challenged not just on the speed of their group but rather how well they are able to overcome challenges as a team

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The Great Zodiac Hunt Singapore Edition Chinese New Year Virtual Online Team Building For Remote Teams

Specially crafted for Singapore! Enjoy a fun online ride through Singapore and explore places you haven't visit for years!  You are in the team of the Greatest Vanguards of the Celestial Heavens!

The 12 Zodiac Animals have escaped from the Celestial Heavens to different places and timelines in Singapore! It is up to you to work as a team in order to catch every single one of the animals back before it is too late!

Book now, limited time slots available! we will serve on a "first come first served" base!

Why Virtual Remote Team Building! 

20 Best Virtual Online Team Building Activities For Remote Teams! Lot of employees working from home, because of the lockdowns! There is now more than ever a need for keeping your teams together. Virtual Online Team Building is the best solution for improving communication between your employees in different locations and time zones.

Join our hosts and facilitators online using video conferencing software and be led through a variety of stimulating team challenges and activities. Remote Online team building will keep your employees productive and engaged no matter how far away they may be. 

We connect your teams online in Singapore, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia, Taipei Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Manila Philippines, Hanoi Vietnam, Yangon Myanmar and many more countries!

20 Best Virtual Online Team Building Activities For Remote Teams!

Put your wits to the test with this mind-bending team escape challenge. "Teams must race against the clock to find and solve riddles and challenges in a series of locked virtual boxes and rooms in order to be the first to acquire the final solution."

  • Fun way to get to know each other better

  • Better negotiation and diplomacy skills

  • Works on communication and trust in teams

  • Fun way to get to know each other better

Race around the globe in a virtual adventure with your team! "Working together as a team, you must unlock the mysteries hidden in various locations and follow the clues to the final resting place of the hidden treasure. Seek me out and ye shall find, a treasure once hidden that's soon to be mine!" Travel online to Singapore, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia, Taipei Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Manila Philippines, Hanoi Vietnam, Yangon Myanmar and many more countries!

  • Better communication and time management

  • Learn to work better together as a team

  • Learn more about selected locations around the world

  • Active participation of the whole group

  • A fun virtual experience that brings people together

Take your team online for a thrilling journey around the world. "Take part in our Virtual Amazing Race from the convenience of your own personal working space, anywhere in the world! Explore, learn, create and be challenged together as you travel (virtually) to some of the most interesting and exotic locations around the globe using the power of online communication." We connect your teams online in Singapore, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia, Taipei Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Manila Philippines, Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Yangon Myanmar and many more countries!

  • Great for team participation in larger groups

  • Learn new and interesting things about real world locations

  • Better communication and teamwork

  • Great icebreaker for new teams

  • Better cross-cultural awareness

Get your team going with fun and crazy minute-long games! "Let's get silly! Teams compete with each other in a series of short and active games in multiple rounds that last for one minute only. Each game is a bit ridiculous by design, use simple everyday materials and can be played by anyone regardless of skill. The team at the end with the most winning rounds takes home the prize!" 20 best virtual online team building activities for remote teams!

  • Great for a quick team motivator

  • One of the best ways to get to know each other better

  • Inexpensive and uncomplicated

  • Short and flexible

5. Improv Online *POPULAR*

Build team trust through hilarious acting and drama games. The main features of great improvisation are the ability to collaborate on the fly and be creative. Using our pre-designed scenarios and prompts, your team will have fun using quick thinking to work together, all the while improving their listening skills, remote teamwork and cooperation.

  • Improved presentation skills

  • Response to change

  • Positive leadership

  • Sharper focus

  • Clearer communication
  • Reduced risk-avoidance

6. Lockdown Game show *POPULAR*

Star in your very own team game show from your home office. "Ever wanted to be a contestant on a TV game show? Here's your chance! You and your team will be transported to the set of one of your favorite game shows - keep your wits about you and your fingers fast on the buzzer - only the fastest, smartest team will get the grand prize!"

  • Boost team morale and team engagement

  • Fun for all participants

  • Increase knowledge about a variety of different subjects

  • Sharper focus

  • Clearer communication
  • Reduced risk-avoidance

Unlock your communication skills through close encounters with strange alien species. "What would it be like to meet an alien species? You and your team can find out in this fun and thought-provoking activity built to enhance communication, cultural awareness and empathy. Each team will become a different species of alien with their own culture, economic system and set of social mores. What will happen when their ambassadors meet? Without a common language, how will they communicate without offending each other or potentially starting an interplanetary war? This activity explores the nature of diversity with entertaining and often hilarious results."

  • A fun and thought-provoking take on cross-cultural awareness

  • Gives participants an opportunity to get creative with portraying their alien characters

  • Better negotiation and diplomacy skills

  • Active participation of the whole group

  • Clearer communication
  • A great working analogy for the DISC model

Bravely face the unknown with your team at your side. "Become the virtual bridge crew of your own spacecraft! In this exciting and mentally stimulating sci- fi thriller activity, each of your team members must take on a separate role as part of the bridge crew – communications, engineering, captain, navigation and weapons systems. Your mission is to engage with the enigmatic entity threatening Earth known as 'The Void'. Will your team have what it takes to save the planet from annihilation?

  • Great for problem solving and critical thinking under pressure

  • Good opportunity to employ Six Thinking Hats techniques

  • Better negotiation and diplomacy skills

  • Active participation of the whole group

  • Leadership, prioritization and delegation skills

Does your team have what it takes to survive and escape the Red Planet. "What would you do if your team was split up, stranded in space and on the surface of a barren planet? How would you organize your team to survive, eventually reunite and find a way home? Based on the movie, in this remote action activity teams learn how to solve problems with communication delays, find novel ways of collaborating, staying calm and focusing on solutions."

  • A fun and thought-provoking take on cross-cultural awareness

  • Good for problem solving and critical thinking under pressure

  • Better time management and crisis control

  • Active participation of the whole group

  • Great for creativity and innovation

Discover your artistic eye in this fun photographic team scavenger hunt. Based on the concept of the well-known TV show, teams face off either at home or the office to create the best possible shots. Teams use their own creativity, intuition and skills with the aim to produce the perfect photograph based on the brief which is then presented on-line to our expert judge, who will assess and award points based on the criteria set.

  • Team bonding through something everyone loves - taking photos!

  • Capture great memories with an album of photos taken by your team!

  • Active participation of the whole group

  • A fun and creative way to boost team morale and bring people together

A classic who-dun-it dun online. Watch a murder mystery unravel before your very eyes. Your teams will take part in a series of scenes with roles and characters and witness the all-important crime itself. During the course of the activity, using their best sleuthing skills, teams must collect evidence, solve clues and find the killer. Join our lively hosts who will guide you through it all and unlock your super sleuthing skills.

  • Good for engaging participants in a casual way

  • Better communication and teamwork

  • Great icebreaker for new teams

  • Better problem solving and critical thinking

  • A great working analogy for the DISC model

Who can you really trust? Don't become a victim of the werewolf. "A remote take on the classic communication and deduction game, werewolf. Great for a short activity, or as one game in a longer session, this game asks people to sort fact from fiction and identify who is lying and who is telling the truth whilst listening intently and reading peoples motives."

  • Great potential to build storytelling and negotiation skills

  • Will give everyone a good laugh and a positive experience

  • Builds team trust and individual team members' confidence

    Active participation of the whole group

Put your innovative skills to the test as your team creates the next new cutting edge product. "Work together from remote sites on a cutting edge business project, make a business app, a newsletter or even a website and experiment with new technology. Participants will use the latest software to create a great business application in only a few hours, whilst learning new skills, experimenting with new tools and practicing the important leadership and team skills of organising their team into roles to get the job done."

  • Can be catered to real-world applications

  • Better planning and time management

  • Practice with cutting edge software

  • Active participation of the whole group

  • Team innovation and creativity

Fascinating online collaborative team puzzles and conundrums with a fun twist. "Each team collaborates on a quest to remotely solve a series of logic puzzles as they travel through an imaginary world. Can they work out how to cross the bridge to escape from the zombies, or breakout from the castle dungeon by guessing the correct door?"

  • Learn how approach a problem together as a team

  • Practice problem solving skills

  • Improve out of the box and creative thinking

  • Get everyone on the team involved with a challenge and break out of silos

  • Sharpen your wits by playing a series of challenging games

15. MS Teams 

Achieve more together with Microsoft Teams. "Unleash the power of your team and work remotely without feeling remote. Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365. Invite everyone you work with to chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are. Have fun as a team while mastering the new paradigm of working from home!"

  • Online Meetings with screen sharing, whiteboard, video and recording features

  • File collaboration with inline editing, comments and chats for workflows and approvals

  • Group calling with telephony options

  • Integration with third party apps

  • Chat messages with chat history and saved items

Acquire new tools to maximize your team's potential. "From the executive suite to the factory floor, the Five Behaviours Model has become the standard for eliminating the natural human tendencies which derail teamwork and create costly, organizational politics through the understanding and application of The Five Behaviours: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. Join the online version of this hugely popular seminar and start improving your team right away!"

  • Improve interpersonal relationships

  • Save time with better communication and team buy-in

  • Make high quality decisions and accomplish more as a team

  • Become comfortable asking for help

  • Offer support to other team members to reach common goals

Learn to become adaptive leaders.

"Successful leaders are those that adapt their leadership style to the level of the individual or group they are attempting to lead and influence. In this seminar we'll address four types of leadership styles, based on the follower: Directing, Coaching, Supporting and Delegating."

  • Learn more about leadership styles

  • Practice leadership methods with your colleagues

  • Understand why people respond differently to leadership styles

  • Explore how the task influences the best style type

  • Take control of the team and task

Discover a fun and useful way to building a more effective team. Learn and utilize important tools and strategies to take your virtual/remote-working teams to the next level! Six Thinking Hats is a simple yet powerful tool created by Edward De Bono based on a principle of parallel thinking: everyone thinking in the same direction, from the same perspective, at the same time.

  • More energized meetings and planning sessions

  • Have shorter and more productive meetings

  • Less team conflict

  • Cross-cultural communication

  • Understanding of diversity in personalities

Become a great negotiator and make everyone win. "These experiential activities build the fundamentals of improving negotiation techniques. Each activity is designed with a specific technique in mind and participants will need to work together to come up with the best strategy and try to execute it to achieve their objective." Best 20 best virtual online team building activities for remote-teams!

  • Improving your revenue for sales team

  • Learn how to work better with your colleagues

  • Improve teamwork between teams in the same company

  • Learn how to sell yourself

  • Get more when you negotiate

Organise your team and achieve more by using the right task and project management tool. "Tracking projects and tasks from strategic planning to delivery is always a challenge; with distributed and remote teams it becomes even more crucial to have the right software to manage your team week to week when you're not face to face."

  • Plan and deliver projects from inception to completion

  • Become efficient and remove  bottlenecks

  • Track workload and deliverables from you team

  • Increase accountability and results

  • Get different views on your projects: roadmaps, dashboards and more

We Also Created Virtual Sustainability Journeys!

Home improvement
Virtual sustainability Journey home improvement

Help design a home improvement for village families and experience the impact via live stream friendships.


Carbon neutrality
Virtual sustainability Journey carbon neutrality

Help your organization towards carbon neutrality, design a mangrove planting program and monitor & measure progress.

Renewable energy
Virtual sustainability Journey renewable energy

Measure the efficiency of renewable energy remotely and help design energy optimization locally.

Gender equality
Virtual sustainability Journey gender equality

Help design a gender equality journey and experience the impact via live stream friendships.

Recycling plastic
Virtual sustainability Journey recycling plastic and other waste

Help design ways for local people to make a living off recycling plastic and other waste.

Safe Water Garden
Virtual sustainability Journey build the first 500 Safe Water Gardens

Making it the world’s most cost-efficient sanitation system. Our goal: Safe sanitation for every village family by 2030.

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