2017 has started and it is time for a new team building activity for your company in Singapore! Do something new and do one of the 9 TVworkshop Challenges.

Probably you came to this webpage thinking this morning “What kind of team building activity are we going to do this year” or “Last year was good but it was the same as we did as last year”. It is always a nice challenge each year to find the best team building ideas for your company. You want to organize the perfect company day out for your colleagues at work. You are asked to organize it together with some team members, with your boss or with someone of the HR department. So what do you do? Running to the phone and call the same agency you worked with last year. Surprise, you probably get the same result as last year. Opening your laptop and search on Google for team building Singapore or team building ideas Singapore. Very good and you will find our beloved competing event companies like Jambar, the very good blog of Honeycombers¬†etc. For sure they are doing a good job and compliment for them. I know that they are reading this web page off course ūüôā

9 New Team Building Ideas Singapore 2017

Why doing something else as a team building challenge!

So, bored of building a bike as your team activity in Singapore, a cooking class, karting, escape room, wine tasting, drumming, Palua ubin cycling, Bubble soccer etc etc etc. Your realized that this year the challenge has to be different and more compelling. Aware of the fact that we are going to a new age of visualization where branding your personal life is important on social media like Facebook, Youtube and Linked In. Your kids doing it with Snap Chat and Instagram. Branding your products, service or company online is getting more and more important. Viral videos getting hits of 1 million plus in a few day. Old ways of advertisements are not working any more. Marketing departments are getting a headache of it. Combing this with the fact that team building in your company is getting more and more important. It is getting faster and faster now a days and to keep up, we all have to get out of this comfort zone. So stop doing the same routine every year, thinking the same and do the TVworkshop Film Challenge. We have 9 New Team Building Ideas Singapore 2017 for you!

Who are they, this TVworkshop team building company? Never heard of them and never found them on google in Singapore?

Can! Old in Europe and new in Asia! TVworkshop is a team building event company based in Singapore an operating throughout Asia and Europe. We are specialized in combining team building activities with filmmaking. Either you want to introduce the new core values of your company, branding your new product or just do it for fun. We organize the best and most memorable custom made event for you! Imagine being a star in your own commercial, soap or action movie or work together with your colleagues creating your own film production. Acting, filming and directing or starring in front of the camera, everything is possible. We have roles for everyone! We work together with professional filmers who will guide you through the process of filmmaking.

Now you know who we are, you can take a look at our 9 New Team Building Ideas Singapore 2017 below. Click on the the concept you like and you get more information. You are already enthusiastic and want to speak with us now. Pick up your mobile phone and type in +6586484186. You like to mail us, Can: contact@tvworkshop.com

You are reading this webpage and you are working at an event agency, event company or training company and want to work together. No problem, can and get in touch with us!

9 new FILM corporate team building activities in Singapore you can do with your team!

Now you know us and next question is where can we organize your team building Singapore event?

Thank you for still being on our website. As said already it is a whole process organizing a corporate event or team building event. Choosing of location is one of the main factors of a successful event. That is what you want. You can read more about dealing with an event agency concerning your event location on 21 best event venues Asia. Or you can just ask us advice. We organize the TVworkshop team building Singapore at your office or we can arrange a location for you in Singapore. You want a lunch, dinner or special entertainment after the TVworkshop. Everything is possible to satisfy our customers and create a unique experience.

We love to fly and do our job in other countries so we arrange your corporate team building event in:

 Bangkok Jakarta Kuala Lumpur Hong Kong Rangoon

What is the price and how yo contact us?

We arrange your Team building event in Singapore for the price of Singapore Dollar 85 per person. Price is excluding location and food & beverage. Singapore has a lot of grants and scheme to get up to 80% back from Singapore Government. Need help or more info about it, go to the following page!

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