TVworkshop team building Singapore and MOM Ministry of Manpower Singapore

 MOM Ministry of Manpower


- 3 hours in and outdoor film team bonding activity for Ministry of Manpower Singapore

- 45 staff members of 7 divisions Ministry of Manpower Singapore. Team building Activity – Filming the solutions

- Team building idea, to create in 4 groups, 4 commercials. Theme safety and health workplaces Singapore

TVworkshop Singapore organised a 3 hours team building retreat for MOM Singapore. The TVworkshop was organised on beautiful "old colonial" event location Dutch Club Singapore! The morning session from 9 pm to 13.30 pm was used by MOM to brainstorm about game-changing ideas to reduce fatalities to less than 1% per 100,000 (2028 goal) and improve health. After the the lunch the people of MOM joined the TVworkshop and the team bonding challenge was to create in group of 10 people visual end results. The 4 groups took the challenge very serious and in 3 hours they brainstormed and filmed the best solutions.

The people of MOM worked together in perfect harmony and TVworkshop edited the end result the same evening together in perfect commercials. The next day all the 4 end results where shown on big screen at MOM office for all the participants. A long lasting visual memory and a perfect start to begin for the next corporate retreat MOM Singapore.


TVworkshop team building and team bonding in and outdoor for MOM Singapore in 2018
TVworkshop team building and team bonding for MOM Singapore in 2018
TVworkshop team building and team bonding activities for MOM Singapore in 2018
TVworkshop team building for OCBC Bank Singapore in Taiwan Taipei 2nd October 2017

 OCBC Great Eastern Singapore


- Half a day outdoor team building activity for 300 employees of OCBC/Great Eastern Singapore in Taipei Taiwan

- Best performers of OCBC/Great Eastern bonus incentive travel to Taipei Taiwan

- Team challenge, working together in creating street food commercial Taipei Taiwan

Decor for TVworkshop team bonding activity for OCBC/Great Eastern was the beautiful city of Taipei Taiwan. OCBC/Great Eastern organised an incentive travel trip for the best performers of 2016/2017 as a reward. Three days and two nights to celebrate achievements and performances for all the OCBC/Great Eastern staff. TVworkshop was invited to organise the team building Taipei activity for 4 hours on location W hotel Taipei Taiwan. Performers, 14 groups creating 14 end results. Theme of the day "food munch" and create your own viral street food movie within 4 hours. Submissions where, make a group picture, integrate a landmark of taipei in your end results and find unique food dishes in Taipei!

The 14 teams of OCBC/Great Eastern worked together in an excellent way to create amazing end results. End results where shown on big screen at their gala dinner. Unfortunately because of OCBC/Great Eastern strict sharing online policy we can not show any end results. You can watch the teaser for the start presentation in the morning:



TVworkshop Asia indoor and outdoor team building and team bonding cheap events Singapore
TVworkshop Asia indoor and outdoor team building and team bonding events for schhol and kids in Singapore
TVworkshop Asia indoor and outdoor team building and team bonding events Singapore
TVworkshop team bonding activities for Shell Singapore

 SHELL Singapore


Team building event highlights:

- Half a day corporate team bonding Singapore event for 15 HR Asian country managers of Shell

- Fun, laughter and team work in creating a video clip/lip dub at regional head office of Shell Singapore

- A visual remembrance of team work as a indoor team building game 

"Shell making the future Singapore" was the Corporate team building Singapore slogan of Shell and transforming this 'theme" into a video clip/lip dub was the challenge. Already during the brainstorm session we noticed a very active and highly motivated team with a lot of input for the video clip/lip dub. In combination with using props like banners, logos and jackets of Shell we transformed the team into a professional "film" crew. Group dynamic was fantastic and every body participated in creating it. The goals of Shell to create a bond among the team members and get out of the comfort zone was accomplished.

Showing of the end result was later that evening and the participants of Shell where so enthusiastic that we had to show the end result more than 3 times that evening. Thank you Shell Singapore for participating in a unforgettable TVworkshop team building experience in Singapore.