Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Singapore

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Looking for the ultimate Bachelor or Bachelorette party with your friends or girlfriends! Create your own videoclip, soap or action movie.

You want to organize a memorable Bachelor Bachelorette party! Together with your group of friends we create a beautiful videoclip, lip dub or soap in 3 hours!

Your Stag day out is one big party with TVworkshop!

Bachelor Bachelorette party Singapore (stag or hens party!) should be memorable moment never to forget. Together with the directors of TVworkshop always a success! Dresses, props and accessories we all carry it for you. Everywhere in the big cities in Asia. TVworkshop helps you to choose a good song for the lip dub or videoclip and we create a scenario so that your end result is “one of a kind.” But not only that. You will be guided by a real director with professional cameras and audio. And then there is, of course, clothes and all sorts of attributes such as wigs, feather boas, dresses, jackets and so on. If you have a special theme for your Video Clip, Soap or Lip dub we create it together with you!

Bachelor Bachelorette party Singapore (stag or hens party!) will take about 3 hours including the recording of the final run for the Lip dub or filming the different shots for the videoclip. We do the editing at our studio in Midview Singapore and we sent your end result within 1 week to you by We Transfer. You can share it on the social media, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc. Your own unforgettable end result with your friends!

Bachelor or Bachelorette party (stag or hens party!) is a challenge for everyone! We organize it in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur. For more information you can fill in the contact form below. Take a look at our Youtube channel or website for more information about our concepts!

Bachelor or Bachelorette party! It is time for action! Take a look at the trailer.