Online With Fun Online Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore

20 Best Online Team Building Games

25 august 2020.

Join our hosts and facilitators online using video conferencing software and be led through a variety of stimulating team challenges and activities. Remote Online team building will keep your employees productive and engaged no matter how far away they may be. 

Virtual remote team building at home Singapore

Benefit of Virtual Team Building Activities

14 July 2020

The list of virtual team-building activities has been making rounds on the internet! So, why is it that many organizations are looking for ways to improve workforce engagement and productivity? What is the benefit of virtual Online Team Building.

Virtual Sustainability Journeys Singapore

Virtual Online Sustainability journeys  

10 june 2020

Choose the impact you wish to make. Then design the experience! Choose which UN SDG(s) you wish to support. This could be promoting safe sanitation for everyone, mangrove reforestation, plastic recycling, gender equality, sustainable cooling, renewable energy etc.


Virtual Team Escape Room Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore

Nr 1. Virtual Escape Room Singapore

15 May 2020

Put your wits to the test with this mind-bending team escape challenge. "Teams must race against the clock to find and solve riddles and challenges in a series of locked virtual boxes and rooms in order to be the first to acquire the final solution. Nr 1 Escape Room Singapore!

TVworkshop Blog 40 best team building activities for you

40 best team building ideas for you

25 April 2020.

Out of ideas for your next team bonding for your team? Yes ,we know how difficult it is to choose another inspiring activity every year! We made a selection of 40 (+5 extra) team building activities to do in Singapore in 2022! amazing race, dance team building and many more.

Blog TVworkshop Virtual remote team building activities Singapore-1

Remote virtual team bonding, work at home

18 April 2020

In this time of change, many teams are switching to a distributed model of working, where teams are working remotely from home due to social distancing. To assist companies working under these conditions, we have developed a range of team building activities.

How to be an effective leader TVworkshop Blog

How to be an effective team leader in 2020

9 April 2020

While everyone has a part to play in a team, leaders have the biggest roles. They have to keep the team together, facilitate interactions and collaboration, and oversee team communication.Good leaders have to think about a lot of things.

Travel to Bintan after Covid 19 period TVworkshop

Travel to Batam and Bintan after Covid 19 

14 April 2020

The Covid 19 crisis is going to its peak in May 2019 in Singapore. The circuit breaker is still going on in Singapore. A lot of people are already thinking, are we still able to go on holiday to Batam or Bintan. Some insights from our side, TVworkshop how we travel after Covid -19!

Batam Getaway Batam Trip by TVworkshop

Why Batam is your weekend getaway 

2 February 2020

Sometimes it is better to forget Johor Bahru! LET's go to Batam! Cheaper, more relaxed, plenty to do for shopping, massage, sightseeing and more. This island just 45 minutes ferry trip from Singapore is going to be a hotspot in 2022! Many Singaporeans visit Batam already. You are next?

CSR Team Building do good for other people TVworkshop Asia

Do good for other people! Let's do CSR Bonding

10 December 2019.

The boomerang effect or “Action Theory” tells us that “every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause”. That’s why positive thoughts, feelings, and actions rebound back to us in a favorable way. When these are negative, the opposite happens. Safe Water Garden Project!

What to do for your team building

No idea what to do for you team bonding?

6 December 2019

Ok all set for 2022! Time for some unique team building for your team in 2022? But what are we going to do this year?  We make it easy for you and selected 40 team building ideas for you in 2022! Take a look, select one of our ideas and just give us a call or send us an email. 

Blog 10 best photo and videographers Singapore

10 best photo and videographers Singapore

20 November 2019

Yes, plenty of videographers & photographers available in Singapore! You also have the problem finding the best one? Do a Google search and it is a bit overwhelming! How to choose the best videography & photography service in Singapore?

Augmented Reality Team Building Singapore 2019 hit

Augmented reality team building hit for 2022

20 May 2019.

Get ready for a new team building experience for 2022! What is the next team bonding hit you want to experience and is a must do for your next team bonding event. After VR Team bonding now Augmented reality team building is going to conquer Singapore. Join the trend and be the first to play the ultimate game!

Dance team building Singapore

Dance team building by TVworkshop in Singapore

4 april 2019.

Yes, let's shake your team up with the new team building hit for 2022 in Singapore! Dance Team Building will give your team the ultimate boost ever. Every workplace can take a lesson  from dance! Best tool to improve working together and improve communication. Besides that it is healthy!

Team Building Vietnam in Hanoi Ho Chi Minh TVworkshop

Why Vietnam is a must go for your next trip

15  February 2019

Vietnam is booming business! Many Singaporeans find the way to this beautiful country. Investing in property, start up business etc. Vietnam is the rising star in Asia as tourist destination. Busy with planning your next overseas trip? Why no team building in Vietnam this year 2022?

Team building Manila

Team Building in Manila Philippines  

10 January 2019

Good food, beautiful beaches, relaxing atmosphere, stunning landscapes and very friendly people. That's what you can find in the Philippines. Plan your next corporate retreat to vibrant Manila and  combine it with a few days visit to boracay Islands. TVworkshop your expert for next your trip to the Philippines!

TVworkshop You want get funding for your Corporate Team Building Event and do not how to get it

How to claim Pic and Cif fund Singapore

20 December 2018.

How about how to get funding for your corporate team building activity. Probably your busy with searching for a new team idea in Singapore for 2022 or already in decision stage and found the team building activity you want! Where to start, where to find information, Agent or no agent, which document i need..

Blog Photo Booth Singapore TVworkshop team building Singapore

Photo Booth for you event in Singapore

15 November 2018.

There are many ways to give your brand a boost online and offline! If you want to experience something special on your team building day, corporate event, wedding or exhibition. TVworkshop Photo Booth Rental let's your brand presence soar online and offline with live photo printers!

Success team building Singapore

Our event partner Success Team building

17 October 2018

TVworkshop Asia Singapore is working together with Success Team Building Singapore offering you the best range of team bonding activities to experience in Singapore and abroad. Planning your next corporate team bonding event this year for your team day out. Check it out and book today!

TVworkshop Asia Singapore Team building and Team bonding Jakarta Indonesia

Team Building Outbound Jakarta Indonesia 

18 August 2018

Busy with planning your next corporate team bonding activity for this year!? Are we going to plan our team building in Singapore or are we going abroad on a corporate company retreat? Jakarta is a favourite destination combining it with our outbound team building in Bandung or Bogor!


Power of visual Communication

10 July 2018.

Blog Article:The use of visual communication continues to grow. So much so, that eighty-four percent of all marketing communication is predicted to be visual by 2022 From a scientific perspective, it’s been found that using visuals help the audience remember the information more effectively...


IPad challenge team bonding Singapore

15 June 2018.

Blog: i Pad challenge Corporate Team Building Singapore! Specially designed for Singapore as a fun team building activity to organize during your company retreat, exhibition, seminars, conferences, team building events, trade shows, business diners, network events, incentive travel, family events...


Why team bonding is important for your team

1 April 2018

Google and you will find 10000’s of web pages written about reasons for team building or team bonding, build the best teams, 10 insights into best team building, 21 killer tips to make your company more profitable etc etc etc. Yes team building or team bonding is still important for your company ....


Organising your team event in Bangkok

15 February 2018

Bangkok has by far the best and the most rooftop and Sky Bars in the world. From small ones hidden on the 68 floor not found by tourist to bars and restaurants on the rooftops of great hotels! Bangkok’s nightlife is a vibrant melt pot of the best street food, clubs, bars, restaurant in a 15 million plus city which never sleeps.

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