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Thanks guys for being on my blog page of the TVworkshop. My name is Emile Leus and owner of TVworkshop Asia. I’m currently living in beautiful Singapore. Besides my passion for organizing events, we like to make people happy with high-quality events. The TVworkshop is a team building activity combine filmmaking with organizing events. We are the specialist in making a commercial, soap or action movie together with your staff. For more information please contact us.

You can take a look at our trailer made by Jeroen Stultiens of TVworkshop Spain:

TVworkshop in the world of team building events. From the first team building workshop 12 years ago to operating in two continents now!

A bit background on my blog about the history of the TVworkshop. The founder of the TVworkshop is Marcel Ruijken. He started the TVworkshop around 2004 with organizing the first film team building for dutch company KPN. After this successful event, Marcel decided to make a concept of it. TVworkshop was one of the first to organize team building events based on making film in the Netherlands. I joined the TVworkshop in 2006 and working for and together with Marcel, we made a success of it. With organizing around 200 successful team building events a year. Microsoft, Shell, Google, BNP Bank, all the big corporate companies have joined the TVworkshop team building events.

TVworkshop is now owned by Marleen Meel for the dutch, Belgium and German market. In Spain, Jeroen Stultiens is operating the TVworkshop for the Spain and Portugal market. Me myself here in Singapore for the Asian market. Below you can find  the website for the countries:

TVworkshop Holland, TVworkshop Spanje, TVworkshop Germany, TVworkshop Asia

The future of events, which technologies will change the landscape of event organizing for the next 10 years!

One of the things I learned from Marcel Ruijken is to think forward and always be busy with new idea’s or concepts. The world is changing rapidly and for the next 10 years, a lot of new tech solutions are going to change or lives. Industries like banking, hotels, healthcare! An introduction of AI, VR, machine learning, and drones will have a big impact. Get ready for it. The event industry is also on the brink of new revolutionary changes. The latest introduction of the Pokemongo app has proved it. I was reading the best article you can find on the internet about future of events. Thanks Eventex for sharing it. For more interesting articles you can take a look at my blog on or you can start reading the articles on my website. 

Incentives with the TVworkshop. What has a successful incentive to offer for your staff.

Every employer knows that motivated employees do a better job. What fewer people know is what really motivates employees.

Of course, fair wages and proper work conditions are mandatory. What incentives do you use when you want your employees to go above and beyond and fulfill every task with above average results? Recent studies show that, when a certain salary level is reached, people are no longer motivated by money. Sure, the extra income is always welcome, but it doesn’t mean the job performance will improve significantly.

When it comes to incentives, most HR managers talk about team building. These are a great way to build stronger bonds among team members, make them feel part of a great family and give them a new boost of motivation. Team building has the power to do all of the above for a team. However, most employees are already bored with the classical team building which generally consists of hiking, water sports or bowling.

Why not offer your team something that will really make them feel special? TVworkshop gives you the opportunity to turn all your employees into movie stars for the duration of the team building. They can create their own movie (in which they get to play), stage the Oscar Awards ceremony and other fun and creative activities. They can be directors, producers, actors, and screenwriters. Plus, at the end, they get to keep the movie as a memory of the best team building they ever participated in.

If you want your team to have more than average results it seems only fair that you should offer them an above average team building. More than an incentive, this movie-themed team building will help them unleash their creativity, project management skills and, ultimately, learn to communicate better with each other.

Our workshops are interactive, fun and with a superb result, in the end, the movie!

More information? Give us a call +6586484186 or mail us:! Emile Leus & Rick Ee