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Augmented Reality Team building Singapore! Did you already noticed the new trend in team building games in Singapore? We all heard about the Pokemon Go hype of 2016? Did you played it and experienced the fun you can have with it? Pokemon Go set the new trend in tablet and phone games in Singapore in 2022. By the end of 2017 and 2018 big hits like Amazing Race, Scavenger Hunt tablet games and Digital Challenges found their way into Singapore. Companies choose to do these games as their next team bonding activity in Singapore. But What Is Next Team Building Hit In 2022 & 2023?

City Columbus AR Tablet Games Singapore

Explore Your City In A Fun Way, Combining Augmented Reality With The latest New Tablet Games

Interactive & Live

The participating teams are in constant contact with each other, which greatly increases interactivity. View where the participating teams are at that time, what the scores are, communicate with each other and bother each other with our interactive gadgets.

On Every Location

The location based app can be played at any location, whether it's a city, holiday park, hotel, museum or any other location. Suitable for every group 5 to 500 pax! Every city in Asia! Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila. City not in the list? Let us know.

Fun Play By Tablet

By playing with several teams at the same time, there must be good cooperation. The tablet is ideal for this and gives the possibility to take on and solve complex assignments with multiple team members. The ultimate tablet team building experience.

Augmented reality team building activities Singapore

Augmented reality team building activities 

Augmented reality team building activities in Singapore

Augmented reality fun team bonding activities 

Exciting AR Tablet Games Singapore

The Hunted Game

Are you a fugitive or do you belong to the investigation department? In both cases you have 120 minutes to collect as many points as possible by completing challenging assignments. If you catch a fugitive team, you have a bonus. If the investigation service is too fast for you, then the bonus is yours.

The Great Escape

A deadly virus will be spread in 90 minutes. Get out of town! Solve challenging questions about the city and earn the super bonus by turning off the ignition. During this fun team outing you will work together like never before. Test your team limits and break all barriers

City Movie Game

During this city game you will use our movie app to record scenes from your own "movie trailer" at various locations in the city. You have to earn the content of the scenes. This company outing shows you new talents from your colleagues. Solving ability and acting talent! Hilarious.

Why City Columbus AR Tablet Games Singapore

Get The Best Out Of Your Team Using The latest New Technologies 

TVworkshop explored new ideas that incorporates the newest smartphone and tablet technology with challenges in actual environment around you. Leverage your team’s natural desire for competition, achievement, status and self-expression, in a fun and compelling way. Augmented reality is now entering the world of business training, hospitality and events.

What is Augmented Reality! The overlapping of three-dimensional digital content and information on top of real surroundings through the use of mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, or via the use of latest-generation devices such as 3D glasses and visors.

Bring your next Amazing Race, Scavenger or Digital Challenge to the next level and book City Columbus Augmented reality team building Singapore activity for your team!

City Columbus Augmented Reality Tablet Games. The new hit for team bonding in 2022 & 2023 in Asia and Europe!

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"TV Workshop provided a great afternoon of  tablet video making team building activity that was unique and outside the comfort zone for many of the team members. The best part was that the video's are constantly playing on our office monitors and so it serves to remind everyone of the activity and some fun about our company! Highly recommended as your next team bonding activity in Thailand"

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