Why team building or team bonding is the most important investment you will ever make!

TVworkshop how to make a successful team


Some historical facts about team building as we know it nowadays and for people who still thinking it is a trend of the last 40 years with the rise of globalization! Off course they are right and there is a significant trend going on from the 80's until now in 2017 . Globalization starting in the 80's, brought the world a lot of prosperity and wealth for the people. As we all know left a lot people behind in poverty. Corporate companies getting bigger and bigger by mergers and huge profits and in the meantime satisfying the investor.

When you look at several studies about this subject you will notice that we experience more stress at work now than 40 years ago. With the rise of globalization and stress the event world created a booming business called team building and team bonding for corporate companies. Still big business until now. Team building or creating the best team is already as old as the human kind is walking around on this planet earth! In the prehistoric times we were already busy in creating the best teams for the hunt. The goals where a bit different "to survive and get food" The greeks did it by conquering other countries and formed the best military "teams" to achieve this.


Google and you will find 10000's of web pages written about reasons for team building or team bonding, build the best teams, 10 insights into best team building, 21 killer tips to make your company more profitable etc etc etc. Yes team building or team bonding is still important for your company to build the best teams, to communicate better, to motivate your employees, promote different thinking, develop problem solving skills and break the barrier. 

But, before you run to your boss and ask him to do "the most important investment he will ever make" or you are the team manager, boss or CEO of the company to spend your budget on it. Take a few things in consideration before you start organizing a team building or team building activity!

TVworkshop how to make a successful team


We discuss it a lot of time! Talking with customers about their team building activity or team bonding day out. What is team building and what is team bonding. Is there a difference in it?  Online you see companies advertising with team building and team bonding? It can be a bit confusing and we hope by reading this article it will clarify a bit. Yes there is a significant difference between the two. I have to say the event companies who organize your team activity in Singapore made it also a bit more confusing. Using both words on the websites. We also do it! Mainly because it has an SEO reasons for findability on Google on both words

In meeting with customers for TVworkshop Corporate Team Building Singapore, I always say: "In order to build a team, we must first form bonds". That clarifies a lot! Look how ants are building there anthill! Ants must work together to achieve a goal, building it. They need to bond with other ants. Ants who are not bonding... Is Just an ant! So they bond together to build there anthill as a team! 

Team building stands for acknowledging the positive behavior your team has (strength), getting the productivity higher and improving the overall functioning of all team members. For a long term and a follow up in team building. 

Team bonding stands for a short -term boost, a one-time event, made to encourage people to do something out of the ordinary and to connect outside of work, on a more personal level. You see the difference? It all depends on the goals you want to accomplish with your team! You can read more about it in the next chapter.

TVworkshop how to make a successful team


Setting goals is important before you start with your team activity. Go for team bonding if you want to get to know each other better and loosen up a bit communicating with your colleagues outside of work. Get out of the office and do something totally different and let yourself be surprised by your colleagues "I did not expect that of him or here". 

You want to change your team in improving its performance, spirit and developing deeper inner connections, you can go for team building! But here comes the tricky part! Building the best teams is not something you can do in a 3 or 4 our team building program. Yep, i know some team building companies are selling their programs as if its the "Holy Grail" of all solutions. Promising overnight chances in your team as if they are God, Allah or buddha himself.

We believe that team building is a start of a process that takes place over time! TVworkshop Corporate Team Building Singapore can help you in advising the best programs for "building the best performing teams you ever had". Take a look at the website of  Plus One Dynamic what they write about: Team building goals "What are the objectives of team building"

WHY TEAM BONDING IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR TEAM Team bonding goals TVworkshop team building and team bonding activities in Singapore Core values


Nowadays we living in a time that in companies almost everything has to be recorded and measured to get a higher profit. From the movement going to the toilet, how many pencils you use a month and the time you spend on social media. This is a dilemma for HR department, management and for us team building and team bonding companies. 

It makes it sometimes hard to sell to the big bosses who want to see a return on investment. Not talking about good and bad leadership (next article). My opinion and experience is that the a company who regular organize team building events with a goal. Encourages the employees to think about improving themselves and the team dynamic. Is the one who is taking care of their people and puts them on the first place.

There are a lot of companies who talk about "people are the most important assets" but when it comes to the point of organizing it they are not at home! While companies who put effort in building teams with value, grow like companies as Apple, Microsoft and Google! Stop thinking about the money (and return) and put value in your people! Profit will follow.

WHY TEAM BONDING IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR TEAM Team bonding goals TVworkshop team building and team bonding activities in Singapore good and bad leadership


Hot topic in a lot of companies. Good leadership you find in a lot of companies and bad leadership in even more companies. Leadership is sometimes you can not learn and it is in you or not. Take a look at the article in Forbes about how to identify bad leaders in your company. Building teams and connecting people in your team you need to be an natural born leader. Starting a team building or team building activity in your company with a bad leader. Better not!

Last note to take in consideration before you start thinking about organizing your team activity in Singapore.

If you were a marathon runner, would you train just a few times a year for your next race? Of course not. You would run almost every day. Why? Because only through regular, continuous training and exercise would you have a chance at winning. Effective team building needs to happen continuously if you want your group to be successful. It needs to be part of the corporate culture.

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