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7 Tips Before You Start Planning Your Company Retreat in 2024!

Organising your staff or executive retreat Batam, Bintan or other destinations is something you have to plan ahead in 2024! Yes, we know it is a lot of arrangements to take care of to make it successful!

Below some free tips:

1. Know the purpose of your retreat.
2. Identify the problems which need to be addressed.
3. Set goals and objectives.
4. Find the perfect location for your retreat.
5. Find what type of venue best suits you.
6. Plan the activities of your retreat.
7. Schedule everything!

If you have tip 1, 2 and 3 ready we are happy to visit you at your office to discuss this! We will help you with tips 4, 5, 6 and 7! We created a questionnaire for your to take a look at and to fill in! Feel free to send it to us and we can give you free advice for your best company retreat in Asia!

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Let's Go Again! What is Your Next Company Retreat Destination in 2024!

Company retreats & incentive travel programs with positive experiences will help strengthen an employee’s relationship with their company! Corporate staff retreats or Executive Retreats are the best way to open up dialogs between employees and an opportunity for leaders to get away from the pressure of their day to day work and envision a new future for their impact and for their organisation.

Bonding in a relaxed environment, get to know each other better, set new company goals are few of the benefits organising company retreats. Struggling with the planning and implementation? Let us help you! Committed to deliver a memorable retreat for your company, we as travel company Singapore do our job and you can enjoy the beautiful moments together!

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Free Invitation Video For Your Company Overseas Retreat

Book your overseas company retreat at TVworkshop travel and you get a free invitation video for free! Yes, we know how excited it can be to go on a trip! Get the people even more excited by your own invitation video. We create it together with you 3 to 4 weeks before trip. You can share it online or post it on the company server. Take a look at the invitation video we made for Checkmarx Singapore 2 days 1 night to Bintan.

Company Retreats Ideas For You!


Company retreats Batam by TVworkshop Singapore

Traveling to batam is easy and just a 45 minute ferry trip! Organise your next company retreat on this beautiful island. Great food, shop till you drop, relaxing massages and tasty Indonesian food! Combine your retreat with fun team building!


Company retreats TVworkshop Singapore Anmon Resort Bintan

Tropical resort Island Bintan is a must go for a 2 day 1 night or more days for your retreat! Indulge yourself in the relaxing and lay back atmosphere in Bintan. Enjoy a well earned break with your team on Anmon Resort or Dbambookamp Bintan!

Johor Bahru 

Company Retreats Johor Bahru TVworkshop Singapore to Logo Land Malaysia

Place to be for cutting-edge malls, bars, and eateries in JB! Excellent place to wind down in the evening after an exciting team bonding or team building activity. Just crossing Tuas or Woodlands and you enter a different world!


Company Retreats TVworkshop Singapore to Thailand Bangkok

Explore Bangkok, Phuket, Samui or Chiang Mai like you never did before! Thailand is still travel destination number 1 in the world for corporate company retreats. With vibrant city of Bangkok as the mainport and start of your next travel experience


Company retreats Indonesia by TVworkshop Singapore

Book your 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights or more days to Batam or Bintan! Arrive in bustling city Jakarta and experience outdoor adventure trips in Bogor, Puncak, Bandung, Malang or Lembang! My personal (Emile Leus) favourite of Asia, wonderful Indonesia.


Team building Singapore overseas outbound retreat in Malaysia

Malaysia known for its beaches, rainforests and mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian, European food influences is a wonderful retreat destination! increase employee engagement and and strengthen internal bonds during one of our offered team building activities


Overseas corporate company retreat Vietnam TVworkshop Asia

For 2024 your next overseas retreat destination has to be Vietnam. Hanoi Just 2 hours flying from Singapore. 3 days 2 night Hanoi? We can already help you with a budget of USD 169 per person excluding ticket! Min. 10 pax. Call +6586484186


Overseas corporate company retreat philippines TVworkshop Singapore

Friendly and warm Philippine people! That is already the reason to visit this beautiful country. Get together for your company retreat to Manila, Cebu, Boracay and many more fascinating tropical places! Let us help you organising your first retreat!

Hong Kong

Overseas corporate retreat & team building Hong Kong TVworkshop Singapore

Planning your corporate training, off-site meeting, team-building event or company retreat to Hong Kong. Looking for the best venues at quarry bay? We offer the best service for affordable pricing working together with our local partners. 

To Get in The Mood

Bank Of Singapore Bintan

OCBC Taipei

Bizsecure Apac Bintan

How We Work

Simple! Just fill in the contact form below or get in touch with us by email or phone (see below). We will ask you the following questions for your company retreat in 2024! Or download the questionnaire and send it back to us!

* Budget, please advise which budget is available, per person basis. 

* Number of pax.

* Which destination(s) planned this year for your company retreat 2024.

What is the purpose of your retreat

* Can you identify the problems which need to be addressed

Your goals and objectives of your company retreat

* Day trip, 2 days/1 night, 3 days/2 nights or more days.

* Weekend or weekdays.

* Choice of hotel/resort 4 stars/5 stars at your overseas retreat destination.

* What is the perfect location for your retreat, hotel, resort, glamping etc.

* Preferable departure time: morning/afternoon, time: ?

* Preferable departure time back: morning/afternoon, time: ?

* Single room stay or twin sharing rooms.

* Travel period. Is there already a date planned. Weekend or weekdays.

* Flight arrangements or ferry arrangements. All one flight/ferry or separate airlines, ferries x 2 groups. 

* Food arrangement (F&B) during your day trip, 2 days/1 night or 3 days/2 night. Lunch, dinner and drinks etc. 

Day 1: Lunch/dinner ---> at the hotel or outside the hotel

Day 2: Lunch/ dinner ---> at the hotel or outside the hotel

Day 3: Lunch ---> at the hotel or outside the hotel

* Any arrangements for Halal meal & vegetarian.

* Need for function room half a day or full day. How many hours and which day in your retreat

* Team building & team bonding activities. Any preference of team building/company retreat games or activities this year. 

* Team bonding duration first day/second day/third day.

Day 1: Team bonding---> at the hotel or outside the hotel --- How many hours?

Day 2: Team bonding---> at the hotel or outside the hotel --- How many hours?

Day 3: Team bonding ---> at the hotel or outside the hotel --- How many hours?

* Goal of the team bonding.

* Team bonding being replaced by tours & trips.

Day 1: tours & trips---> How many hours?

Day 2: tours & trips---> How many hours?

Day 3: tours & trips ---> How many hours?

* Previous team bonding activities 2022 & 2023 onwards

* Nationalities for your company retreats, ASEAN passport holders – no visa required. Other nationalities – may need a visa – please advise and we can check.

* If they need us to apply for a visa, please advise who will be paying for the visa fee & application fee. On pax accounts or charge to the company.

* Passport Validity. Must be at least 6 months from the return date. Also important to check.

* Previous travel company you worked with?

* For Singapore Government: Is this enquiry going to be placed on Gebiz or other tender websites?

*  For Singapore Government: Payment upfront possible for a deposit or by Vendors@gov.

* Let us know your ideas for company retreats!

Company retreats TVworkshop Singapore

Optional To Arrange For You

* Private set breakfast, lunch or dinner/BBQ at your hotel/resort.

* The arrangement of extra or other team bonding activities.

* Event filming half a day or full day

* Event photography half a day or full day

* Visa arrangements if necessary.

* Insurance arrangements. Please check you corporate insurance first.

Function room meeting arrangements including beamer, screen, sound, microphone!  

* Coffee & tea breaks including snacks during your meeting.

Tours, trips, massage, shopping arrangements at your destination.

* Inbound flight tickets for overseas colleagues to Singapore.

*Transport bus Changi airport to the ferry terminal.

Company Retreats Benefits of Incentive Travel TVworkshop Singapore

Executive Retreats, Disconnect to Reconnect!

Business executives are busy people! Sometimes it is time to escape from hectic work schedules, mundane daily routines and banal financial statements. Even the best CEO and startup founders need time for themselves. Time to unplug, connect with other leaders, and reflect on their goals and ambitions. Executive retreats are crucial to maintaining a positive workforce and turning things around. 

How to plan an effective executive retreat! Companies that do them well, the retreat is where fundamental decisions impacting the company’s direction and future are often made.

First, Determine an objective, and commit to an outcome! 

Second, The CEO should let the team know precisely why they are there and what to expect.

Third, Optimizing the investment means maximizing the time together, which starts with diligent pre-retreat planning.

Fourth, The off-site is for getting straight to discussing, debating, discovering and making decisions, not for sharing information that should have been absorbed before the meeting starts!

Fifth, Follow up between 30 to 60 days out. Certain strategic decisions will need additional fact-gathering, evaluation and such, and so post-meeting planning is also crucial! Don't force your team into a "forced" closure.

Extra tips:

- Invite people beyond the CEO and the top management team that can impact the character of the conversation.

- Travel time needs to be considered to the chosen retreat destination! Singapore to destination max 2/3 hours. Tips, Koh Samui, Bali and Langkawi!

- Plan a retreat well ahead, 6 to 12 month's! So executives can block their agenda's. Don't plan a 1 day or 2 days/ 1 night retreat! 3 days/2 night or more days are suitable for Executive Retreats.

- Separating work from play. “Play golf and relax before or after the retreat, but not amid the discussions!

- Be cautious of using subject experts as facilitators. “Experts can join in to help clarify issues, but when they act as facilitators they can push the group to their point of view. We recommend, ELEMIUMV Singapore. Best to help in getting you to the next level!

- Create a perfect balance between brainstorm & relaxation! Don't overwhelm the executives in a full packed agenda. Indulge them in the best what the destination has to offer! Get the best local cook for an excellent cuisine experience. Do a relaxing meditation session before start meeting! 

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Hear What Our Clients Say


I would like to thank Emile for the great service! He make sure our trip went well at Phuket. It was amazing and the overseas retreat Phuket and the team bonding activities were beyond all our expectations. I highly recommend TV workshop and his team at Singapore and Phuket.

Ieanu Nich, Genomax Singapore


Thank you TVworkshop. Our Team Bonding Overseas Retreat to Bangkok was a blast. We had enjoyed working with TVworkshop. They are fun to work with and very professional too. Highly recommended for your next overseas company trip in Asia or to Europe!

Derek Sum, ConocoPhillips Singapore


A moment to thank Emile and The TVworkshop team for the beautiful organized 4 days 3 nights to Bintan! We had a great time and Emile is a wonderful experienced tour guide. You want a personal touch during your trip? TVworkshop!

Fiona Quek, Biz Secure Apac Singapore

Benefits & Meaning Of Organising Company Retreats For Your Staff

Company retreats are back! Studies shown that company retreats are growing in popularity. We all love to travel & explore new destinations. Incentive travel programs are a great tool to motivate and engage employees. Nowadays modern employees are much more incentivized by positive and meaningful, personalized perks. With travel incentives, people in general feel much more appreciated and trusted, resulting in greater loyalty towards their organizations! Below a few highlights of the impact of company retreats on your organization:

* Travel incentive programs can increase productivity by an incredible 18%.

* Incentive travel programs allow companies an important degree of customization, which demonstrates to your workforce that you have taken the time to get to know them.

* Travel incentive programs allow employees to tick items off their bucket list without the associated guilt.

* The gift of travel is more memorable than the gift of money.

* Travel incentive programmes can enhance company culture and reputation

* Corporate overseas travel improve company loyalty and morale

Let's Go On A Trip in 2024!

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