Corporate Event Bangkok. Corporate event Bangkok! Looking for something special to organize for your team employees.

TVworkshop Corporate Event Bangkok, your event partner in Thailand for excellent executed events! We are a spin off of TVworkshop Holland Europe, more than 12 years experience in organizing the most memorable events for over 600 corporate companies in Europe and Asia. The basic idea is that your staff is the crew and actors and actresses. Together they make a commercial, soap or something else. The team building asset is that they make something really impressive what they never did before. This a very strong anchor! You can choose how serious we make the corporate team building. We can organize your custom Corporate Event Bangkok on location office or on a event location.

Corporate Event Bangkok. What is it and why a TVworkshop corporate event Bangkok?

TVworkshop, Corporate Event Bangkok Thailand provides in full service team bonding activities based on film making. In many companies job satisfaction is important in doing successful business. To achieve this, it is important for employees to get recognition of what they are doing. Team building is a successful tool to improving the relation between workforce and management. Philips, Sony, Nike, Adidas, PWC  and many, many other did it already with succes! All companies from Thailand can enjoy the TV workshops Corporate Event Bangkok! With organizing your TVworkshop corporate event Bangkok you give a boost to the teamspirit!

Also in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Samui!