TVworkshop as your Corporate event partner. Stuck with the same problem?

Yes people we al know it. Your boss is coming to your office and is asking what is the plan for our annual corporate event or team building activity. A bit stressed you start brain storming and thinking to do something totally new this year. It is not an easy job to start up an event for your company. Overwhelmed by the load of work you already have you pick up the phone and again you call the same agency you did business with the last 4 years. Stuck with the same kind of team building activity. Get in touch with us. We create the most unique event experiences and team building activities out of the box!

Corporate Event Manila Philippines. What we do for you as event organizer in Manila?

Corporate Event Manila Philippines. We are a team of European and Asian people and we like to bring  the cultures together in your event. Our core business in the first stage is listening to what you want and translate it into your unique designed event. With over more than 12 years experience in satisfying customers we are ready for your event. With our concept TVworkshop we have a niche unique concept in making film with your team. A great way of branding your products, service or company done by your staff. Combined it in your event! For sure possible. Below you can find some more information about locations in Manila.

Where can you organize your TVworkshop Corporate Event!

Choosing of a good event location for your team building idea or corporate event is one of the main important factors to a successful event! There are a lot of issues to check and double check before your event starts. We believe in a pro active no no nonsense to the point approach. May be a bit Dutch but that’s where we are good in. We take care of your event and made a selection of 3 event venues we have worked with in good harmony.