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Safe water Garden

370 children in Indonesia die every day on account of insufficient sanitation!​

(CSR) Corporate Social Responsibility Team Building Singapore. Become part of a global cause

Dr. Marc van Loo, founder and owner of Loola Adventure Resort, teamed up 5 years ago with 3 world-class universities (including NUS). To turn an original UNICEF sanitation solution into the world's cheapest and most efficient sanitation solution for individual village households. TVworkshop Asia Singapore is committed to this project and impacting people's life! Join us as and get together with a group of friends, a group of colleagues, or with your school! 

The result is called the Safe Water Garden (SWG)

More than 400 SWGs have been built by Singaporean schools, companies and families. The project received further support from the Dutch government and some of the world's largest companies. The national standards board of Indonesia is now set to declare the SWG part of the national standards.

This shared excitement stems from the fact that the SWG:

1) is maintenance-free, 

2) delivers household savings of around 10% (on account of reduced medical bills and the income derived from crop growth),

3) is a social asset, because the house is free of smell and it is now safe for children to play outside,

4) is the "per household" cheapest sanitation system in the world and it can be built by people themselves with no construction experience (Shell is producing the "Lego-like" construction manual to help people do this).

We'd like to invite you to take part in a crucial part of the global rollout of the SWG. Join us and get together with a group of friends, a group of colleagues, or with your school! Best office team building idea for charity! Organise it as your next Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) trip to Indonesia! 


Life-saving sanitation for all people in Asia? You can make it happen!

The Safe Water Garden (SWG) coalition – a passionate group of schools, universities, companies and individuals – is now ready to make a crucial step towards 100 million SWGs by 2025! The very first pilot village in Bintan, where a whole village will build SWGs themselves. 

How can you make that happen?

Simple: Get together with a group of friends, a group of colleagues, or with your school! Form a CSR team! Raise USD 1,500 You will then have adopted one local family and sponsored their SWG. We’ll send you photos from your SWG with a thank-you plaque in the garden, and you can visit the family that you adopted at any time.

CSR Team Building Singapore Safe Water Garden with TVworkshop
CSR Team Building Singapore Safe Water Gardens
CSR Team Building Singapore Safe Water Gardens

​​Do you feel like digging?

Come and help building the SWG that you sponsored! (optional) CSR Team Building Singapore!

Where do I make my donation?

Go to: https://safewatergardens.org/donate/

CSR Team Building Singapore & Corporate retreat?

More info Emile Leus +6586484186

Marc van Loo +65 9643 0478

Let’s make this happen – together!

Virtual Remote CSR Team Building Singapore

CSR Virtual Remote Team Building! Treasuring and maintaining the magic of corporate & school expeditions. In cooperation with Dr. Marc van Loo of Loola Adventure Group Bintan Indonesia, we created 6 programs based on UN sustainability goals (SDG's). Choose which UN SDG(s) you wish to participate and support! With your school or colleagues. Co-design the mode of online interaction together with us and decide how to amplify their impact. And when the time is right, for physical travel! New in Singapore and take a look at our programs.  

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