Drone Aerial Filming. The future of filming is going to change. Drones in the sky, drones in the sea, drones everywhere!


The impact of new tech inventions is getting bigger and bigger. If you are talking about Pokemongo with augmented reality. Machine learning in the robot technology! Our lives are going to change. Get ready for it. Drone Aerial Filming is going to take over different line of businesses. TVworkshop is specialized in drone construction filming .

Drone filming for structural inspection. Drone filming for construction site data and real estate.


Aerial Drone filming and photography by the TVworkshop. We are specialized in make to best drone video production for filming your real estate or construction. You need a partner in structural inspection and construction site data filming! Give us a call +6586484186. We are based in Singapore. Operating in the whole of Asia. Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala lumpur or other cities in Asia.

Take look at one of our production. Made in Singapore and Malaysia.

What is our service in drone filming. We make an high end production for your in 4 hours. We film your construction from different camera angles. The film production of your real estate or construction takes place in 2 hours. Editing we do on location. Hand over production the same day. You can put it online the same day. For other arial services we work together with experts. Let us know what you need and we arrange it for you.













Drone Aerial Filming

Drone Aerial Filming

What we do.

The TVworkshop is a film production company from Singapore! We are the expert in organizing your team building event. We combine making film with al lot of fun together with all your staff. Imaging being your own star in your commercial, soap or action movie. We do it together with you in a program of a half day. In Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Manila or other Asian cities. Let us know!

Take a look at our partner website for the TVworkshop in Europe!

More information? Give us a call +6586484186 or mail us: contact@tvworkshop.com! Emile Leus & Ricky Ee