Dutch Embassy Singapore your partner in starting up your business in Singapore! Questions about housing, incorporation, funding and network get in touch with them!

Dutch Embassy Singapore is ready to help your with setting up your business in Singapore.

Singapore is getting a popular place for business entrepreneurs in all lines of business. From tech start ups to local food start ups. The strong point of Singapore is it geographical location in the middle of south east Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Philiphines around the corner. A market with a big potential also for your idea’s. Together with a good working government and banking system the place to be. Are your ready for it!

Dutch Embassy Singapore

Dutch Embassy Singapore

Dutch Embassy Singapore what can they do for you?

You have the best idea in Holland or already a up and running business in Holland. Hearing a lot about Asia what is going on here! You are an entrepreneur full of idea’s and never sits still. Business is ready to expand. What to to with it! Ready to take the risk and start up in Singapore. Dutch Embassy Singapore is focussing the last year more and more in helping and promoting the Holland BV in Singapore. You can take a look at there website! Download the PDF link of the Dutch Embassy Singapore here. Get a coffee and make your plan. You can contact the expert of starting up your business in Singapore, Gabby van Herpt of the Dutch Embassy.

Take a look at the Prezi made by Charlie van Eeden of Mrprezident for the Dutch Embassy about start ups.

Top 6 links for information about setting up your business in Singapore.

You can be overwhelmed by all the information you can find online about starting up your business in Singapore. No panic and relaxed. Below you can find some useful links for starting up in Singapore. You can click on the links for more information about the subjects.

  1. Incorporation business: Ottavia ask for David Then, +656807 0320
  2. Registration business: Acra
  3. Information about Visa: Mom
  4. Schemes in Singapore Techinasia
  5. Housing Singapore Internations
  6. Dutch networking  Association of Dutch business people

TVworkshop Asia and setting up your business in beautiful Singapore.

You will think what has the TVworkshop as an team building event company to do with setting up business in Singapore! My name is Emile Leus and owner of TVworkshop Asia. I like to help people with advise and tips and to write about it. We are living more and more in a time where we have to help each other. Also in doing business you can not start up without a good network. Give me a call or sent me an email if you want some help with starting up. Succes!! Looking for the best link to all the adres of embassies in the world, take a look at www.embassy-worldwide.com

Dutch Embassy Singapore

Dutch Embassy Singapore

What we do.

The TVworkshop is a film production company from Singapore! We are the expert in organizing your team building event. We combine making film with al lot of fun together with all your staff. Imaging being your own star in your commercial, soap or action movie. We do it together with you in a program of a half day. In Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Manila or other Asian cities. Let us know!

Take a look at our partner website for the TVworkshop in Europe!

More information? Give us a call +6586484186 or mail us: contact@tvworkshop.com! Emile Leus & Ricky Ee