Instaroid, Engage your audience and drive traffic to your social media with the power of Polaroid Photo in the digital age!

There are many ways to give your brand a boost online and offline! If you want to experience something special on your team building day, corporate event, wedding or exhibition. Instaroid lets your brand presence soar online and offline with their live photo printers. Founder and CEO Nicolas Brunet created the company in 2014 and already a big success in Asian countries Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines and in Europe, Norway. For more information you can fill in the contact form below. For direct contact you can go to their website or call +6587301927.

How does it work on your event and venues?

We are living in a new age of sharing, and we like it! Instaroid uses the latest techniques for an optimal ” photo moment” during your event or on your venue. You can snap your own photo’s and even customize them with your company logo or with uniquely design for the bigger branded impact. Branding is all about putting it in the Blackbox of the people so they never forget it.

We all like contests and Instaroid provides that! The best photo gets the first prize according to your jury’s choice. We like to show that we are a winner and share this with friends, family, colleague or neighbor. Great fun! No waiting to put it online. Within one minute it is ready to share. From snapping to sharing in an instant!

 Instaroid boast 10 printing and sharing options such as Instagram, Hash tag print, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Line and e mail. Your on site event photographer can even wirelessly feed his pictures to their printer. Get your reach as big as possible of your event or your venue. They have more options in house to boost your ‘branding’ experience so get in touch with them!

Instaroid on location! Take a look at their trailer!

Integrate the “Memory that sticks” into the TVworkshop!

TVworkshop team building is working together with Instaroid. During the TVworkshop you can capture your moments with your team! Share it online right away on your Facebook, Youtube or Instagram account! Together with Instaroid we make your event experience visual in film and photo!

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