PokémonGo Teambuilding: Experience the new trend in Singapore together.

The hunt for Pokemon with your staff and colleagues! Get out of your office and do something different, PokémonGo Teambuilding. The ultimate and new team building event in Singapore. The need for team building within companies is becoming more and more necessary. Bonding people by PokémonGo Teambuilding is the key to success for more results and revenue in companies.

PokémonGo Teambuilding

PokémonGo Teambuilding

Take a look at the trailer of the official website of Pokémon Go:

What is the TVworkshop!

TVworkshop Asia  is a event company based in Singapore! We are operating throughout Asia and Europe. From Bangkok to Shanghai and from London to Milan. We organize your custom made event for you. TVworkshop is the specialist in making your own commercial, soap or action movie! You do it together with your colleagues in a program of 4 hour. Every group is guided by an experience TVworkshop filmer. Imagine being the star in your own commercial. We Organize the best and most memorable event for you!

PokémonGo Trend: For people who lived under a rock, here is what it is!

PokémonGo Teambuilding is a free game which you can download on your Android or Apple. The company who developed it is Niantic. It started in July 2016 in the US, Europe and Australia. Now, beginning of august 2016, it is introduced in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. With this new AR (augmented reality) game you can catch, train and take prisoners called Pokémon.

By walking around with your phone in your city or country, people can look at their game map. They can throw a Pokeball at the Pokémon to see if they can catch them. At PokeStops, players can find extra PokeBalls and candy to feed their Pokemon. At Gyms, players can get their Pokémon to fight another Pokémon to try to win that gym for their team. For more information you can take a look at our new TVworkshop PokémonGo help page

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PokémonGo Teambuilding and TVworkshop!

The TVworkshop is always following the latest developments in team building and events! PokémonGo is not a trend or a hype but in our opinion a new revolution. PokémonGo is the first introduction in new to develop team building activities. TVworkshop is introducing the PokémonGo teambuilding activity for corporate companies. Do something else with your staff and colleagues and go on the hunt!

What is the concept:

We like to keep concept simple and fun. PokémonGo teambuilding is all about making your own commercial about your company combining it with the hunt for Pokémon. In a program of 3 hours  the challenge per group is to catch as many Pokémon and use the mobile phones not only for catching but also for filming the whole hunting experience. Every group is getting a core value of the company transform it to a commercial, soap or action movie. The group which catch the most Pokémon is the winner. We edit all the end results per group and we have a OSCAR for best movie!

What is the added value:

Hunt together for Pokemon with laughter and a smile. Together outside in a healthy activity and get fit. The ultimate way of working together and achieve goals. Build connections that inspire collaboration! So get ready for action and do something totally new and out of the box. Let the hunt begin!

What we do.

The TVworkshop is a film production company from Singapore! We are the expert in organizing your team building event. We combine making film with al lot of fun together with all your staff. Imaging being your own star in your commercial, soap or action movie. We do it together with you in a program of a half day. In Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Manila or other Asian cities. Let us know!

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More information? Give us a call +6586484186 or mail us: contact@tvworkshop.com! Emile Leus & Ricky Ee