Postcard experience now in Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur!

You are bored of the usual stuff organized on events, meetings and congresses. The Postcard experience offers a new concept for your group of people to make an unforgettable video document! You or your group of people are the stars in your production. You create your own digital postcard.

What is the Postcard experience.

On location we build up a green screen production facility for your event. All the members off the group are filmed in front of the green screen. We can do that per individual member or as a whole group. The directors are guiding the people in acting in front of the camera. The more expression in acting the better the end result.

Our goals is to create a funny animated end result on film. We use special software for that. By replacing the green screen with pre edited back grounds we make a memorable animated film. We are living in a time of sharing messages on Facebook, Twitter or linked in. The moment your end result is ready you can share your message immediately! Your digital postcard in on the world wide web. Made by yourself together with Postcard experience.

Why is it so important to choose for the Postcard experience.

We are living in a world where people have to work harder and harder to make clients happy. Owners and bosses of the companies often forget about there most value asset. Your own people! Planned activities and teambuilding is not only improving the moral of your people but also can boost up the succes of your company. Postcard experience is the ultimate teambuilding activity to combine this with beautiful end results.

To get in the mood take a look at an example we made in Amsterdam, Holland made by Postcard experience Holland.

What we do.

The TVworkshop is a film production company from Singapore! We are the expert in organizing your team building event. We combine making film with al lot of fun together with all your staff. Imaging being your own star in your commercial, soap or action movie. We do it together with you in a program of a half day. In Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Manila or other Asian cities. Let us know!

Take a look at our partner website for the TVworkshop in Europe!

More information? Give us a call +6586484186 or mail us:! Emile Leus & Ricky Ee