Best Remote Virtual online Team Building Activities in Singapore for 2022!

Work From Home Activities for your team!

Top Virtual Online team building Singapore 2022!

Recommended: Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore! *NEW*

Virtual Online Team Building Work at Home Remote Patriot Act Count On Me Singapore

New virtual online team building game: An incredible celebration of our Country’s National Day, The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore is deeply focused on the great things about what makes Singapore great!

Through these Unique activities, we heavily emphasise on team building components to bolster participants to work together in activities that enhance Singaporean values!

Teams are challenged not just on the speed of their group but rather how well they are able to overcome challenges as a team

Book now, limited time slots available in July & August 2022! we will serve on a first come first served" base!

The Great Zodiac Hunt Online Hunt Singapore Edition! *POPULAR*

The Great Zodiac Hunt Singapore Edition Chinese New Year Virtual Online Team Building For Remote Teams

Specially crafted for Singapore! Enjoy a fun online ride through Singapore and explore places you haven't visit for years!  

You are in the team of the Greatest Vanguards of the Celestial Heavens! The 12 Zodiac Animals have escaped from the Celestial Heavens to different places and timelines in Singapore! 

It is up to you to work as a team in order to catch every single one of the animals back before it is too late!

Book now, limited time slots available! we will serve on a "first come first served" base!

Top 6 Virtual Online Team Building to do in 2022

Best Remote Virtual Online Team Building Activities in Singapore for 2022!

Physical team building is back in Singapore in 2022! Yes we can meet up with each other in person again. After 2 years of covid many teams experienced another way of meeting each other by Zoom, MS Teams etc! Doing fun online team building activities like Amazing race, Escape Room etc. 

With the rise of virtual teams and working from home there is still a need for keeping your teams together. Besides physical team building, online team building is a perfect solution for enhancing communication between your employees in different locations and time zones. Quick to arrange, affordable and the ultimate meet up.

Join our hosts and facilitators online, using video conferencing software and be led through a variety of stimulating team challenges and activities. Remote virtual team building will keep your employees productive and engaged no matter how far away they may be!

We welcome your employees in Jakarta, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong and many more cities in Asia to experience our Best Remote Virtual Online Team Building Activities in Singapore for 2022!!

Client Reviews

Vicky, Micron Singapore – Virtual Breakout and Murder Mystery. “Thanks for the great games and arrangements! We received lots of feedback that the games are really exciting and fun. Hopefully, we will be having you guys again for the next team building! Thanks!! “

Florence, Apple – Virtual Escape. “Thanks for the great session, please send my thanks to the rest of the facilitators, Best Remote Virtual Online Team Building Activities in Singapore for 2022! have a great weekend!”

Nicholas, Google – Virtual Amazing Race. “Thanks, Emile to you and your team, who did a great job from start to finish. It’s been a pleasure working with you.”

Lay Choo, Microsoft - Virtual Escape, Treasure Hunt, Online with Fun. "Our folks thoroughly enjoyed the Escape Room today, it was quite an experience doing this virtually and remotely. The ice-breaking games at the start was well executed as well, it served its purpose in getting folks warmed up and ready to go."

Jay, Singapore Tourism Board – Virtual Escape. “TVworkshop, thanks a lot for went smooth and the team loved it!. We would like to work with you again delivering the Amazing Race activity with all our partners.”

Remote virtual team building. "Online With Fun"!

Office Olympics
Office olympics online team building
Scripting Madness
Scripting Madness online team building
Music Makers
Music Makers online team building
2 Truths and 1 Lie
2 Truths 1 lie online team building
Charades online team building
Google Earth Journey
Google earth Journey online team building

"Online With Fun" will contain a variety of the challenges below.

  • Office Olympics: Test your teams Microsoft prowess. Speed typing, Excel Pixel art.
  • Scripting Madness: Teams are given a script to act out but unfortunately some words are missing.
  • You have 5 minutes to: a selection of simple and fun challenges that can all be achieved using simple household items and possessions.
  • Music Makers: Teams have a set amount of time to find objects that can make musical sounds and make an online ‘symphony’
  • Online Makers: Teams have a set amount of time to collaborate and produce one example of online marketing for a fictitious subject.
  • 2 Truths 1 lie: Teams must share 2 truths and 1 lie. Other teams have to ask questions to determine which person is telling the lie.
  • Google Earth Journey: Each team has a set time to make a ‘Google Earth Tour’ based on the theme given.  
  • Pictionary: A team member is given a series of titles for movies, songs and books and must draw each for the team members to guess.
  • Charades: super simple. Teams are given movie titles and set amount of time to come with mimes to represent the title.


These online activities build the fundamentals of a successful team: trust, mutual respect and awareness. Games can be tailor-made to focus on specific learning objectives, company goals or a meeting theme. We work strongly on developing leadership personalities and interpersonal skills such as co-operation, communication, planning, leadership, strategy skills, win-win negotiation and positive thinking. Your virtual teams will be challenged with a number of games using a variety of easily accessible computer programs and collect points for their performance in each game with the highest score awarded to the best team.

On the day the event you will join our energetic and lively hosts who will be leading the event and tying everything together. Your group will be split into 'Virtual Teams' in breakout rooms and then challenged with a variety of timed tasks and games all of which can be achieved within the confines of the home office but necessitate quick communication, and a bit of creativity, to complete. Each game will be under a time limit and once the time is up the teams are sent back to the main chat where the host will debrief the task. Only the most efficient communicators will win the virtual prize


  • Ensure remote teams are still engaged with each other and the job.
  • Enhance group online communication skills.
  • Heighten sense of online group productivity
  • Use Video Conferencing to fullest potential
  • Great fun for the whole team at an entry-level
  • Easily customizable to fit your specific needs
  • Helps to hone online conferencing skills using built in tools and other apps available online
  • Builds trust and confidence between team members
  • Stimulates creativity and innovation


Maximum group size is around 50. For larger groups we can host multiple sessions at the same time. Smaller teams of up to 10 are then put in virtual breakout rooms.

Location & Duration

This event is staged online using a combination of 'Zoom Meetings' and a selection of other software and websites, all of which are easily accessible or free to download. We can send an invitation via email containing all instructions and links prior to the event. We highly suggest installing the relevant programs and using a desktop or laptop for full experience. Tablet and smartphone access is possible but will contain less functionality. The half day program is up to 4 hours and the full day program up to 8 hours.

Online remote team building TVworkshop Singapore


After each game scoring is given to each team and the sub-total is announced until the last game. Final scoring is done during the event debrief and the team with the most points is the winner.

Briefing and debrief

The event briefing takes place in the central video conference room. The briefing will include a short tutorial for how to use the Video Conferencing software and best practices for operating within a group video chat. i.e. muting microphones when not speaking, looking at camera when speaking etc.

After the briefing, participants will be separated into teams and invited by the facilitator to separate chat rooms, then the lead facilitator gives further instructions and objectives for the activity.

The debrief takes place again in the central video conferencing room.

Briefing and debrief usually take around 15 minutes each but can be extended upon request for more in-depth analysis of team performance.

Event Schedule

09.00 am – Event brief by lead facilitator
09.15 am – Ice breakers and warm up activities
09.45 am – Teams receive instructions for the first game
10.15 am – Second game
10.45 am – Third game
11.15 am – Break
11.30 am – Fourth game
12.00 pm – Final game and end of the activity, all teams must reconvene in the central conferencing room
12.30 pm – Event debrief, awarding ceremony
01.00 pm – End of the program

Event Options

Below are three options for Online With Fun with different inclusions and rates all tailored to best match your budget and requirements. The Bronze option is a fixed program with few inclusions but the Silver and Gold packages include extra benefits and allow selection of some or all challenges. On the pricing page we offer further optional extras. The full day activity will have up to double the number of challenges.

All options include

One Western lead event instructor

Ice-breaking activities
Interstitial (between challenges) quick fire discussion topics


5 Games

One facilitator per 40 pax


6 Games

One facilitator per 20 pax

Bronze Inclusions+

+Choose one integrated Team Building Model: Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Situational Leadership
Six Thinking Hats

+Raw footage of live stream for internal training purposes

+Prizes winning team

+Pre-event meeting


6 Games

One facilitator per 10 pax

Silver Inclusions+

+Activity material send to participants in a gift box

Online remote teambuilding Singapore

Virtual Remote CSR Team Building Singapore

CSR Virtual Remote Team Building! Treasuring and maintaining the magic of corporate & school expeditions. In cooperation with Dr. Marc van Loo of Loola Adventure Group Bintan Indonesia, we created 6 programs based on UN sustainability goals (SDG's). Choose which UN SDG(s) you wish to participate and support! With your school or colleagues. Co-design the mode of online interaction together with us and decide how to amplify their impact. And when the time is right, for physical travel! New in Singapore and take a look at our programs.     


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