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"Unleash the power of your team and work remotely without feeling remote. MS Teams is the hub for teamwork in Office 365. Invite everyone you work with to chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where you are. Have fun as a team while mastering the new paradigm of working from home!"


Microsoft teams is a full featured team messaging, meeting and document sharing system. It allows you to connect with your colleagues – either in your building or the other side of the world. With great built-in features, like document collaboration, and adding your go-to apps, group calling services and built in planning tools, it is the best choice for team collaboration when separated. You probably don't want to introduce your team to a new team app every year, so be confident in choosing Teams from Microsoft from a market leading software company and seamless integration with office 365 and outlook.

Chat from anywhere

Share your opinion, and your personality. Send gifs, stickers, and emojis in a group chat or in one-to- one messages.

Meet from anywhere

Instantly go from group chat to video conference with the touch of a button. Teams of 10 or 10,000 can meet in one place, no matter how many places they’re in.
Get high-quality audio, video, and screen sharing, and the same security and compliance of Office 365.

Call from anywhere

Never yell “who just joined?!” ever again. Use Teams calling, Phone System or Direct Routing to take the stress out of conference calls.

Collaborate from anywhere

Never do that frantic, searching-for-files thing ever again. In Teams you can access, share, and edit Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files in real time.


  • Online Meetings with screen sharing, whiteboard, video and recording features

  • File collaboration with inline editing, comments and chats for workflows and approvals

  • Group calling with telephony options

  • Multi channels and teams with channel pages and boards

  • Integration with third party apps

  • Chat messages with chat history and saved items

  • Microsoft Planner direct integration

  • Outlook and OneNote direct integration

  • Meeting scheduler

Team Building Singapore Work at Home


Maximum group size is around 50. For larger groups we can host multiple sessions at the same time. Smaller teams of up to 10 are then put in virtual breakout rooms.

Location & Duration

This event is staged online using a combination of 'MS Teams' and a selection of other software and websites, all of which are easily accessible or free to download. We can send an invitation via email containing all instructions and links prior to the event. We highly suggest installing the relevant programs and using a desktop or laptop for full experience. Tablet and smartphone access is possible but will contain less functionality. The half day program is up to 4 hours and the full day program up to 8 hours.

Challenge Types

Teams will participate in a wide range of activities during the seminar designed to support understanding the software going through the different features.

Below example activities as provided to the teams during the activity:

Setting up a Team Planner

Learn how to leverage planner, a built in feature of teams channels, to create tactical, strategic or task based plans and "to do" lists for your team.

Planner features buckets, assignments, due dates, labels, sub tasks and more! It is also suitable for Kanban and agile planning.

Best practices for organising teams 

Teams are collections of people who gather together around a common goal. 

This group of people may be within a department or across the organization. What brings them together and what is the outcome they are driving toward. 

Manage Large Teams

Microsoft Teams is equally effective at facilitating communications between small groups with dozens of members and large groups with thousands of members.

Increase in team size leads to unique management and operational challenges. How to cope with that?

More information

  • Scoring

  • Briefing & Debriefing

  • Event Schedule

  • Options


Scoring and a winning team is not applicable as this is not a competitive activity, however this may be implemented upon the client's wishes to add another dimension to the event.

Virtual Treasure Hunt
Virtual Treasure Hunt Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore
Virtual Team Escape
Virtual Team Escape Room Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore
Virtual Amazing Race
Virtual Amazing Race Online Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore.
Bridge Crew Games
Bridge Crew Into The Void Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore
The Martian
The Martian Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore
Online With Fun
Online With Fun Online Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore
Improve Online
Improv Online Virtual Online Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore
Lockdown Game Show
Lockdown Game Show Online Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore
Remote Photo Face Off
Remote Photo Face Off Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore
Murder Mystery Online
Murder Mystery Online Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore
Virtual Werewolf
Virtual Werewolf Team Building For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore
TED Education Puzzles
TED Education Puzzles Virtual Online Team Bonding For Remote Teams TVworkshop Singapore

20 Best Virtual Team Building Activities For Remote Teams

Lot of employees working from home! There is now more than ever a need for keeping your teams together. Virtual Online Team Building by TVworkshop Singapore is the best solution for improving communication between your employees in different locations and time zones.

Join our hosts and facilitators online using video conferencing software and be led through a variety of stimulating team challenges and activities. Remote Online team building will keep your employees productive and engaged no matter how far away they may be. 

We connect your teams online in Singapore, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia, Taipei Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Manila Philippines, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Yangon Myanmar, Hong Kong and many more countries!

Home improv
Virtual sustainability Journey home improvement

Help design a home improvement for village families and experience the impact via live stream friendships.


Carbon neutrality
Virtual sustainability Journey carbon neutrality

Help your organization towards carbon neutrality, design a mangrove planting program and monitor & measure progress online.

Renewable energy
Virtual sustainability Journey renewable energy

Measure the efficiency of renewable energy online remotely and help design energy optimization locally.

Gender equality
Virtual sustainability Journey gender equality

Help design a gender equality journey and experience the impact via online live stream friendships.

Recycling plastic
Virtual sustainability Journey recycling plastic and other waste

Help design ways for local people to make a living off recycling plastic and other waste.

Safe Water Garden
Virtual sustainability Journey build the first 500 Safe Water Gardens

Making it the world’s most cost-efficient sanitation system. Our goal: Safe sanitation for every village family by 2030.

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