Team Building 360 film making

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Looking for the ultimate team building activity ? Compile your own 360 film.

Team Building 360 film making. For creating your 360 film together with your team. Great unforgettable fun for your staff

The actors move their lips in sync while the music is being played. The more people participate in a Team Building 360 film making, the better! Every person has his own role in the video. Everything is being filmed in one shot. During the lipdub, we ask the ‘one-day actors’ to play their role well and show emotion. It is very important to use the camera and “play” with it to get the best result. A good libdub always ends in a large room or area with all participants who sing the chorus together. No playback this time! Take a look at one of our examples:

Times are changing rapidly and also the way we experience visuals on tv, mobile phone and internet. Young generations are growing up with Youtube, facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. The communication is going faster and faster and more and more to visual storytelling. By 2023 80% of all internet traffic is going to be film.

This Team Building 360 film making will take about 3 up to 4 hours, including the recording of the final run Lipdub . First we start with an introduction and we choose the song that you want to use. We advice you to go for an up-tempo song with a positive vibe and enough variety. Also we can recommend to have a certain ‘theme’ in the song that keeps coming back. We organize these team day out workshop on many different locations. Your office, event location, on the beach or in the park

Team Building Lipdub and it is time for action!

We divide the group during this workshop in smaller groups of about 10 up to 20 persons. Each group has a professional TVworkshop coach who will make sure that he gets the best out of the group. It is all about team bonding! Together they will start with a brainstorm session and decide which part of the song they will take care of. Of course the group will be stimulated to be as creative and artistic as possible! Also we will make sure that everyone in the group participates in this process. At the end of the workshop, there will be a showing of the end result on big screen!

Team Building 360 film making is a team building challenge for everyone! We organise it in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur. For more information you can fill in the contact form below. Take a look at our Youtube channel or website for more TVworkshop team building concepts!