Team Building Action Cam

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Team Building Action Cam, looking an active team building activity ? Make your own action cam movie on your event!

Team Building Action Cam. Brainstorming, filming and editing, you do it with your group. Are you ready to make one?

Team Building Action Cam. Everyone knows them; the “GoPro” camera. Yo put it on your helmet or on a selfie stick and start filming. Super nice we thought, a new team building concept. But what about the editing? Will this be difficult? TomTom also has an action cam on the market, but with an editing app that lets you assemble your movie in a snap and upload.
This workshop therefore has a higher teambuilding character. Besides producing and filming your own commercial, you install it yourself! Our editors will put ” a final touch” layer on top with some special effects and color correction, and we have a fantastic product.

Team Building Action Cam. This workshop is a lot cheaper than our standard TVworkshop commercial with professional cameras because we do not accompany each group individually and also because most of the editing done by the participants themselves, independently
What characterizes this workshop is that participants take it very seriously the “action” cam and immediately started to make a viral video!
Of course we have a real Oscar Award show to show the created films.

Team Building Action Cam and it is time for action!

Team Building Action Cam is a team building challenge for everyone! We organise it in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur. For more information you can fill in the contact form below. Take a look at our Youtube channel or website for more TVworkshop team building concepts!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then succes takes care of itself”
– Henry Ford –