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Art Jamming Singapore by TVworkshop
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Lip Dub Challenge
Lipdub Team Building Activities TVworkshop Singapore
Graffiti Art Workshop
Graffiti Art Workshop team building Singapore TVworkshop
Monopoly Dash
Monopoly Dash Team building Singapore TVworkshop
Chocolate Creating
Chocolate Making Team Building Activities Singapore
Heritage Races
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Team Building Activities Singapore


Always wanted to be the star in your own film production! The TVworkshop lets you experience this in a 3 to 5 hours program. You create your own TV commercial in group a 10 to 15 people. Brand your own product, service or your company in a 1 to 2 minutes end result. For the winner of “the best commercial” we have a special price, the Oscar! Your best Team Building Activities Singapore for work.


Team Building Activities Singapore


Be a star in your own movie! We produce your own corporate company movie on your team building event in Singapore, starring all your colleagues. Every group of 12 to 15 team members creates 4 minutes of the movie. You direct, act and produce the end result. We finalize all the productions of the groups together in the edit to the “final” production. Surprise, what the “theme” of the movie will look like. Perfect workshop game for your indoor team building activities.


TVworkshop video clip experience


We all watch video clips on youtube, vimeo and other social media channels! Time to make your own one as a team bonding day out! Have fun and laughter with your colleagues in creating it! We provide professional guidance by the best filmers of Singapore. Including camera, tripod and soundsystem. You will not be left alone. Brainstorm and filming the best scenes, all in 3 hours!  Best Team Building Activities Singapore for your next team bonding event.


TVworkshop Stop Motion Class


Stop motion is an animation technique that physically manipulates an object or human so that it appears to move on its own. You are looking for a team building course in Singapore! Your create your own stop motion end result together with your team. Create end results with moving objects like paper, plastic or clay or make use of the team members as moving “objects” Ideal for corporate meeting or business meeting


TVworkshop Lip dub challenge


Groups 20 to 300 people are welcome! Create your own lip dub as your company event! Originally from the United States and still a hit in Europe and USA. In a program of 3 hours we film a one take videoclip with a steady cam. Everybody can participate and playback 1 sentence of the song you choose! We edit the end result same day for screening. The most exiting fun team building activity in Singapore


TVworkshop Asia Singapore 360 film making


The future of film making is 360 film making and virtual reality (VR)! This will change our whole experience of watching film and television. The TVworkshop created a new concept which integrates the future of film making into one of the most interesting new corporate team building Singapore activities. Experience yourself together with your staff members inside your own 360 video clip or VR movie. After the workshop you can watch and share your end result by 360 Youtube! Fun Team Building Activities Singapore!


TVworkshop Asia Singapore breaking news


"And now we will go over to our reporter on the spot". In the TVworkshop 'Breaking News' it is up to you and your colleagues to create the latest news! Who is the newsreader and who is reporter! Everything is possible at the "Breaking News" workshop! Nobody will stand on the sideline. This workshop is very suitable when you want to publish recent news, latest gossip or a secret romance!


TVworkshop Asia Singapore vlog Workshop


Vlogging is extremely popular nowadays. Young YouTubers earn their money, news channels use it to quickly identify their news. Companies use it as a marketing tool. Many of the current vlogs are well-thought-out stories that are portrayed in an almost cinematic way. Do you want to learn how to put your company in the spotlight of a professional vlog? Then choose our professional vlogging workshop. During this course you will learn all about the ins and outs of vlogging!


TVworkshop Asia Singapore elevator pitch team buiding and team bonding activities Singapore Elevator Pitch


"Imagine you meet someone and he or she is asking“ what is your company doing? We all know the feeling, how and where do i start! How to present your company in a 30 second! We organise the TVworkshop elevator pitch training for you.! In a program of 3 hours you learn to create the ultimate elevator pitch which you can use at business network meetings, on the street or even at a birthday party. Team Building Activities Singapore!



Thank you for the great moments created during our video-making session! Everyone truly enjoyed themselves and I could see relationships forming at a deeper level, trespassing geographic barriers and culture differences (even within Asia!) 

Huzaimah Pakari, Marketing Strategist, Employer Branding HR Shell Singapore


What you can do in a program of 3 to 4 hours! TVworkshop let us make our own internal commercials. We were amazed by the end results we made together! Create your own film! Success guaranteed!

Badariah Amil, Career Coach Career Service Division WSG Career Centre@Tampenis


A moment to thank Emile and The TVworkshop team for the beautiful stop motion experience we had! It was a energy blast and something totally new what we did with our team. Want to share your corporate mission visually! TVworkshop is your partner in crime for your next team day out.

Kim H, Senior IT Project Manager at BNP Paribas Singapore


"It was just a great day we had today with the entire Kone HR team Asia Pacific! What a fun, what an engagement and enthusiasm. Never seen before on other previous team bonding activities. Thanks a lot Emile Leus and Simon Yap of TVworkshop Asia Singapore. You have done a great job with us! Cheers.

Sreelakshmi Menon, Marketing and Communications Director


TVworkshop is a very fun team bonding experience. It never crossed my mind what is going on during a movie production. Brainstorm and filming is a very creative group process and everybody liked it. New in Singapore and try it!"

Kevin Tan, National Healthcare Group Singapore


Today was a fantastic team bonding day! Lot's of fun and the team really enjoyed being on camera, creating the script and seeing the end results. My team even won the Oscar prize! Highly recommended team bonding activity in Singapore".

Lewis Ng, Chief Business officer at Property Guru Group Singapore

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Team Building Activities Singapore
Team Building Activities Singapore

Team Building Activities Singapore
Team Building Activities Singapore
Team Building Activities Singapore

Team Building Activities Singapore
Team Building Activities Singapore

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