Team Building in Singapore

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Team Building in Singapore. For creating your own commercial, soap or action movie with your team. Great unforgettable fun for your staff

Team Building in Singapore. TV workshop also provides its challenging workshops in Singapore. Do you want to organize something new in Singapore what nobody did before? Hire the TVworkshop and have a teambuilding event never to forget.

We have several concepts to choose from in Singapore. You can make a TV commercial, do a videoclip like Gangnam Style or act in your own short movie. The key in all our workshops is that you ARE the CREW. The total group will be made up in teams of max 12 persons. Each team gets a TVworkshop director and a recording unit ( camera. light, audio) You film, act and direct. There is a job for everybody, in front of the camera or behind it. The point is that together you make this production happen.

Team Building in Singapore and it is time for action!

Team building in Singapore is a team building challenge for everyone! We organise it in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur. For more information you can fill in the contact form below. Take a look at our Youtube channel or website for more TVworkshop team building concepts!

“If everyone is moving forward together, then succes takes care of itself”
– Henry Ford –