Team Building Lip dub

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You want to experience a unique team activity for work ? Create your own Lip dub!

Team building Lip dub. You want the most exiting team building idea for your work and see your colleagues in a different way!

Lip dub company day out! We create team spirit in your company. People will remember how we made them feel and never forget it

We provide in all props and experienced TVworkshop guides! For a successful event get in touch with us! Call us now +6586484186

We create the Lip dub from groups of 8 to 500 people. Already organizing it since 2009 and it is still a hit on internet. You can call us the lip dub expert of Asia and Europe. Satisfying customers in over more then 800 lip dubs. We organize your event at your location on a event location, hotel, resort or in a chosen park. Everything is possible. Team building Lip dub is suitable for corporate events, team building idea or as a stag activity!

TVworkshop lipdub

Team building Lip dub. What exactly is a lipdub or a lip dub?

Both names are official names and used on internet Lipdub or Lip dub. A lipdub is what we call a one taker music video shot in one take. Together with you we make a route on location as long as the song. The song is chosen off course by your company and a hit a the moment. All the participants are practicing their part of the lyrics in groups of max 12 on the route. Everybody ready and it is time for ACTION. We film it in one take with steady cam and show the end result after editing on big screen! You can read more about our TVworkshop team bonding activity on our Lipdub page

Where can we organize Team Building Lip dub!

Perhaps the Lip dub can be filmed at your own office? You know the nicest places; so together we make a beautiful decor! Also, in this way not only the staff but we also your property is in the spotlight. A unique way of branding your company. Is this not possible? We’re happy to help with the search for the perfect location for your team. We have been at very different locations over the years and able to find the most suitable place for you.

Team building lip dub is a team building challenge for everyone! We organise it in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur. For more information you can fill in the contact form below. For more exiting film concepts you can take a look at our website

“If everyone is moving forward together, then succes takes care of itself”
– Henry Ford –