Who are we

 TVworkshop team Building Malaysia is a team building company based in Kuala Lumpur and our events have only one goal: improve collaboration in your team. Operating in Europe and Asia TVworkshop team building Malaysia has more than 10 years of experience in organising corporate team building events with satisfied clients all over the world. We organise your team building activities in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Myanmar!

What we do for you

Your are the film crew. Directing, filming, acting and more.. We have rolls for everyone in the group! Whether you want to make your own commercial a soap opera or your corporate James Bond movie. You create it together with your team. Our professional TVworkshop filmers guide you through the process of film making from brainstorming to filming the script. TVworkshop makes your team bonding Malaysia possible!

Added value

TVworkshop team building games Malaysia believes that effective communication and working together is the key to success. Making a movie together in a team building games you have to! TVworkshop is a proved tool to help your people in adapt to change. Improve attitudes and reduce stress. Share laughter and smiles. Focus on team goals and build connections that inspire collaboration. You will not believe what your team is capable of!


Meet a few members of our TVworkshop team in Kuala Lumpur, Ben Emile and Ricky!

Corporate Team Building Singapore Team Member Ben
Corporate Team Building Singapore Team Member Ben Emile Ricky
Corporate Team Building Singapore Team Member Ben Emile Ricky from behind during team bonding activity WSG Singapore in Singapore.
Corporate Team Building Singapore Team Member Ricky

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The most successful, memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office.