Dragon Boat Team Building

Fun team bonding activity idea for your next team day out!

Yippee yahoo! All on board! Get ready for a not to miss muscle pain the next morning! Dragon Boat Team Building is the ultimate, test you limit kind of thing. No drinking the night before, this is a both mental and physical strength endurance to the max! You must work together and paddle in perfect timing to reach the finish line. Compete with other boats to win! Every paddler has a unique job, to do stimulating leadership in each person. Afraid of water? No problem, we will bring dragon boat lego for you to build your own boat on the shore:) during your Dragon Boat Team Building. 

  • Group Size: 15 – 100
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Location: Stadium
  • Pricing Starts From: $45/pax
  • Outdoor
  • Team Bonding, Increase Engagement, Build Trust, strengthen Morale
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