Team Building TV commercial

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Looking for the ultimate team building activity ? Compile your own commercial!

Team building TV commercial for creating your own commercial together with your team.

Team building TV commercial is a proven concept to improve the performance of your team. The workshop takes 3-5 hours on location at your office or a chosen event location. Groups of 10 to 300 people are welcome! We can integrate your company theme as the lead in the ideas for the scripts. The scripting is done the first hour of the workshop and our TV workshop directors will explain how an idea for a script is made. But not only that, in this first hour we also make a 5-7 scene scenario!

Now its movie time. Everybody has a task in the crew. Camera, audio, light but also directing, production and off course acting! We are using all the possibilities that the location offers us. Every scene will be a blast!

Team building TV commercial is a team building challenge for everyone! We organise it in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hongkong and Kuala Lumpur. For more information you can fill in the contact form below.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then succes takes care of itself”
– Henry Ford –