Team building Bangkok! Give a boost to your team spirit with the TVworkshop!

Teambuilding Bangkok activities are widely offered in Bangkok!

Today you are starring in your own TV Show, commercial or short movie. TVworkshop Team Building Bangkok, film making has something to offer for every body in your team. Together with your team you are the crew and you can do the filming, audio, light and off course acting and directing! Our directors guide you in the process of film making. So you can proudly say ” We made this!”

We start the TVworkshop with a inspiring kick off. In just 15 minutes we tell you the program and explain you how we will work. Then we divide the total group in groups of maximum 12 people. In total we can handle 15 groups at a time ( 180 persons) Each group is guided by a TV workshop director and has a own camera set. 

The workshop locations. Where in Bangkok do we organize this workshop? The answer is “Everywhere” That can be an event centre, hotel, restaurant or anywhere with enough space and variety in backgrounds. Could be even your office! No problem for us. We can also arrange the the whole package with food and drinks catering as well.

TVworkshop Team Building Bangkok is ready for you to organize an unforgettable team building event for you!

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