Ultimate team building experience.

Ultimate team building experience for your company in Asia. You are looking for the best experience together with your colleagues?

Always wanted to be a Hollywood movies star like Marilyn Monroe or a director like Steven Spielberg? The TVworkshop gives you the change to fulfill your dreams. The TVworkshop is the latest team building concept in Asia. It is all about making movie together with your collega’s. We organize the TVworkshop in Singapore, Bangkok and Hongkong.

Organizing an event is a challenge for every company. What are we going to do this year for our people? That’s the question asked each time. It is hard to find a team building event which satisfy all the people in your company. TVworkshop is your perfect team building event organizer. We have beautiful film concepts for team building. You can take a look at the following links or go to our main team building website:

Commercial making

Elevator pitch workshop

Pokemongo team building

What we do.

The TVworkshop is a film production company from Singapore! We are the expert in organizing your team building event. We combine making film with al lot of fun together with all your staff. Imaging being your own star in your commercial, soap or action movie. We do it together with you in a program of a half day. In Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Manila or other Asian cities. Let us know!

Take a look at our partner website for the TVworkshop in Europe!

More information? Give us a call +6586484186 or mail us: contact@tvworkshop.com! Emile Leus & Ricky Ee